Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Chicken feed....

Well - yesterday I drove to a nearby CO-OP elevator to pick up some corn for the goats and chickens. I called first, to see how bad the damage was gonna be, and was actually shocked!

Corn was down over $2.00 from what it had been when I called just 2-3 weeks ago! I couldn't believe it! I actually got more then what I had hoped for. I'm planning to get more in the near future, so I hope the price stays down a bit. It's still way too high, but better then it was.

It was another hot, humid day, so I didn't get much done outside. This morning, I found a hole in the fence where one of the goats had gotten out. She actually got out 4 times - once with an accomplice - but I couldn't find the hole. Last evening, both escapees followed me into the barn, so I left them in there for the night.

This morning, I put them both back where they belong. The "Instigator" (Bunny) just walked off waiting for me to leave. The "Accomplice" (Romper) headed immediately for the hole.

Bunny gave her a couple of good head butts when I caught her and put her back in. I guess she was mad that Romper had spilled the beans about where the hole was.

At any rate, it didn't take long to fix the fence. I finished it just as the neighbor came down the driveway in his Gator with some sweet corn husks and cobs for the goats. They saw him and came running.

I think they like him better then they like me......

With all the stuff they have to eat in the Jungle, they still come running for treats.

The same neighbor also gave me some more auger flighting. I need it to make another auger for the chicken feed bin I am working on. Hopefully, I will have it done in the next few days so I can start filling it.

Speaking of chicken feed.....

I had to laugh today when a couple people told me about others asking them how much we sold our farm for. Outside of it not being any of their business, they really SHOULD have the temerity to ask us instead of people who aren't involved....

Yeah - like THAT would happen......

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