Thursday, July 24, 2008

There's Gonna Be BBQ For THIS!

A couple months back, the doctor used one of those fancy "blow torch" gizmos to "freeze" off a few - what he called - "Pre-cancerous Lesions", from my ear.
He also told me to wear a wide brimmed hat to keep the sun off my balding little head.

I TRIED to comply.

From the start, it was rough. I don't like wearing ANY hat but, since the aforementioned balding head makes it difficult to be out in the sun without one, I bought a nice new straw hat.

Not a "cowboy hat" (Deb didn't like how it looked....), so I can't go riding on my new mower, hollering and "whooping" around the yard.
Nope. Nothing cool for me.

I guess John Wayne never herded goats, anyhow...

I couldn't even find one of those nifty floppy "jungle" hats like we had back in the Marine Corps. Even one of those hats that people stick all the fishing lures into would have worked.

BUT NOOOOO, mine was the kind that old French farmers wear while out picking grapes....

I DID get funny looks, and a couple snickers, when I wore it and my bib overalls to town one day.

It WAS working fine, I guess...

Until last night.

I was outside while it was a LITTLE cooler, when a gust of wind took it off my head (no hair to hold it on.....), and tossed it over the fence. Ordinarily, it would have been fine. This time, however, it hit one of my goats in the head. She picked it up and began to see what it tasted like. Her buddy, thought it looked tasty, too, so they played "tug-o-war" with it.

The pain and torture was over in about 30 seconds (the time it took for me to get through the gate and over to them....), but the damage was done.

I've been telling them that they are beginning to look mighty tasty. This could be the last "straw"...

Now I'll probably end up with one of those "old lady" hats with the green visor and the cloth ribbon around my chin to hold it on.....

Nope, nothing cool for me....

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