Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Goats Are ASKING For It....

Deb hasn't fired up her BBQ grill in a couple years. It might be time to get it ready to go to work....

First, this week they attacked my poor defenseless hat. Now they're starting to throw things at me!

Maybe the two Kinder milkers are mad at me for taking their two kids away this week. The two little ones have been VERY vocal about expressing their opinions about weaning time.

Maybe they're mad because I didn't let them FINISH the hat. It might even be due to my being about 1 and 1/2 hours late with milking this morning (I had a neighbor stop by...)

At any rate - the moms have decided to strike back.

When I FINALLY did get to milk this morning (9:45) They were outside the barn, yelling at me. Since they get breakfast on the milk stand - and a goat NEVER is happy about missing breakfast - it was late, also. I had a "mini-riot" going on. The more they yelled, the louder the chickens became.

The chickens had already been fed, but they always come down to the barn to get a free hand out of corn while I get breakfast for the moms. They fell right into line with the milkers - screaming for food.

I think the goats pay them to be rowdy.....

So, I get breakfast for the opinionated chickens and the impatient goats and settle down with the first milker - Sally. I'm cruising right along, when something hits me in the shoulder.

I turn my head to look - just in time for the second "shot" to hit me in the face.

It seems that there were a few pieces of corn cob in with the grain this morning.....

Usually, they just nose them out of the dish, or leave them sit. This morning, she used them to remind me of their displeasure over me being late with food.

I noticed that she was "wallering" around another one, but she just spit it out onto the floor.

I could see the evil grin on her face, and almost hear the laughter. She gave me a low pitched "Blaaaa" then turned her head and went back to eating. She KNEW what she had done.....

Sometimes I think George Orwell must of had this place in mind when he wrote "Animal Farm"........

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