Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Help With Milking the "Cows"....

Our two Dachshunds have always been interested in cows. When we go anywhere with them in the truck, they watch out the window in case we pass any. When they can't SEE any Bovine, they sniff the air vent to see if they can detect any faint "cow" smells.

They're usually pretty good at finding them....

Once spotted, one, or both, will bark at them until they are out of sight. No matter that the cows never actually see or hear them, it's still fun to let them know who's boss.

The dogs have always been inquisitive about our goats. They will even go into the pen and nose around with the newborns. Most of the Nanny goats we have, have learned they are not really a threat, so they allow it.

This past March, we happened to find a couple of Kinder milk goats (and their kids).

My male Doxie - Rascal - really loves "helping" me milk. All I have to say before milking time is "I need help milking the cows", and he takes off for the back door.

Of course, there IS incentive for this. I always squirt some, fresh from the tap, into a dish for his breakfast.

The first couple of times, there was a bit of "apprehension" on his - and the goat's - part. They would meet halfway on the short trip to the milk stand and BOTH would freeze for a bit, not knowing what to do. One of the goats just ignores him now. The other is still wary and they give each other a wide berth, but breakfast is more important then a stand off with a pint-sized dog.

In addition to his standing by for free food, Rascal has other duties.

Mainly guarding the goat and I from those evil chickens and pesky cats. He camps out beside me and "OOFS" at anyone else who comes near.

He also is not keen on sharing breakfast, either....

He makes sure he gets all of the available hand outs and all is "secure" before he allows the "clean up crew" in to make sure any milk on the stand is taken care of.
Before he started going out to help, the "clean up crew" got all the spoils and would even try to clean up while I was still milking.

Not any more - they have to wait until we're all done. They don't even TRY to clean up early.

One "OOF" and they know Rascal MEANS business.

Ordinarily, Rascal and the cats get along but, hey, this is breakfast.....

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