Thursday, August 7, 2008

We Made It Back Home....

We decided to head to Missouri this passed Saturday, to Deb's Mom and Dad's house.
It was HOT there on Sunday and Monday, but the worst part was the humidity.

Deb's dad had a small patch of hay down so he could bale it. It was down for a few days, but the humidity, the grass itself, and lack of wind, made it dry slow. He finally finished the last dozen or so bales on Monday. He ended up with about 42 bales off this patch from this cutting.

He uses a 1950's Allis-Chalmers "Rotobaler". These machines turn out small round bales around 45 to 50 pounds. They are usually about 18" across and 3' wide (give or take....). His barn is pretty much full of hay now. I THINK he said he was over 350 bales for the year. His goats will be happy this winter.

We brought back a Boer Goat Billy from him. This one is almost a year old, and is pretty "tough" looking! We unloaded him from the truck when we got home, and introduced him to our Ladies. They all came RUNNING to the gate when they saw him. It was funny - they all were VERY interested in hm (except my two little Kinder kids)!
We had to SHOVE him through the gate in order to get him through the "sea of bodies". A couple of the does started giving him a LOT of attention.

One started to head butt him and "play" fight. They ended up spending most of the afternoon and evening together. About 5 months from now.......

We haven't settled on a name for him yet - it's just "The Billy" for now. We'll need to come up with a good one pretty soon, though.

We also brought back a new kitten/cat. This one is pretty wild. We had it in a Banana box for the trip so the dogs would leave it alone. It was NOT happy when we got here. I managed to get it from the box to a pet taxi we have, but it just sat in the corner and looked evil.

This morning, I tried to pick it up and pet it, but it latched on to my finger and wouldn't let go. After a few minutes, I managed to retrieve my finger, but decided that gloves were in order. I found a pair of nice, fluffy, insulated ones - the kind skiers wear.

I reached in and managed to secure the kitty - mainly because it's teeth were firmly attached to the glove. I sat it on my lap and we tried to feed it and pet it a little. It didn't really want ANYTHING from us, except to let it go. It wouldn't touch the food and didn't trust us.

I doubt if it will ever tame.....

It was cooler today - 80's instead of 90's - so I was able to get a lot of mowing done around things. I had STARTED to mow Saturday morning, but we decided to go to Missouri, so I had to get things packed instead. We haven't gotten any rain for awhile, but the grass (and weeds...) keep growing.

Hopefully tomorrow will be cool in the morning, also, so I can finish a few things I have started.

Deb's mom gave her a new Waffle Iron/ Sandwich Maker she had. They didn't like the way the waffles turned out, so gave it to us.

We decided that tonight we would have waffles, eggs, and corn beef hash. I mixed up the waffle batter and made the waffles. They came out done, but not BROWN and crispy. Deb was disappointed, but I thought they were good.

I'll probably never see them again, though.......

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