Friday, August 8, 2008

New Billy..... is a photo of the, as yet, un-named Boer Billy we got from Deb's dad.
He is almost one year old and is VERY interested in the ladies.

Of course, they kinda like him around, too (wink, wink).

Deb's dad called him "All White Chin" and his twin brother "Part White Chin". It was the only way to tell them apart, since they are marked almost identical.

I SUGGESTED "Apple", since he is the "apple of their eye" - and he loves apples - but that got nixed.

He's already moved into the "Top Dog" position and demoted our herd Queen, Bossy. She's TRYING to maintain her 'Second in Command' status, but we will have to wait and see.

Since we have an apple tree in the front yard - and it is LOADED - there are several windfalls. The chickens camp out there during the day and pig out on them. I have been picking up the better ones, slicing them up, and giving them to the goats. Not a whole lot, but they make wonderful treats. Some of the smaller ones I will throw over whole and watch the goats chase them down.

Here is Carmel, waiting paitiently for the next one:

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  1. I love this does however confirm what I always thought about our little goat, they think they are part dog...ROFL...ohh btw I am from HT, ArkansasLady, is my user name there..

    I do enjoy your blog..


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