Sunday, August 10, 2008

FINALLY Got the Chance to go......

Every year in August, there is an Antique Farm Machinery show about 13 miles from us. It's always held the Second Sunday in August - rain or shine. It's a one day event, and features tractors, machinery, cars, demonstrations, crafters, singers, and a tractor parade (and other stuff....)

Every year since we moved to the farm, I have been planning on going. Every year, something comes up to where I CAN'T go. Usually, it ends up being a "last minute, spur of the moment" thing that pops up and makes it so I miss out - AGAIN.

This year looked to be no different. We heard early on that there was a family reunion of Deb's clan for early August. We decided that we weren't going to it, so I dodged that bullet....

Then, we needed to go to Deb's mom and dad's for a few days. We THOUGHT the tractor show was on the THIRD Sunday, so we planned on being gone this weekend. We decided to go last weekend instead. For once, the "drop of a hat, spur of the moment" thing worked in my favor.....

We managed to be HOME the same weekend of the show!

This morning, I found out that there was a $5 charge per person to get in so didn't figure I'd get to go this year, either.

My wonderful wife managed to come up with enough money to get us in AND some burgers and drinks!

I FINALLY got to go!!!!

Luckily, it wasn't TOO hot - only in the mid 80's - and there was a nice breeze. The show grounds also have several nice shade trees, so it was nice.

We started wandering around through the rows of Antique tractors. It only took a few minutes for a friend to come up and say 'Hi". His dad had helped do some dirt work for our foundation. We walked around a bit and took photos (ended up with 105 of them....).

Kirk (the friend) had two tractors there - a Farmall "H" and a Farmall "M". Since he could not drive them both in the Parade, he asked me if I would drive one for him. I had to familiarize myself with everything again, but he let me drive the "M" (it has power steering....).

The "M" started right off, but he used the crank to start his "H". It came to life on the first pull - and only about 1/4 turn, at that. Both of his tractors are in "work clothes" and run excellent.
Deb took pictures of the parade as everyone drove by. Here is the photo she took of my pass:

I haven't driven an "M" for years, so it was nice. I do HAVE an "M", but it is over at my brother's house. One of these days I need to go get it.

There were lots of old machines there -
A working sawmill, powered by a flat belt (IH 560 running the belt).

A Steam Engine running a threshing machine (they threshed the wheat, then baled the straw with a stationary baler powered by a small motor).

A Corn Binder demonstration.

Several types of tractors plowing.

Several types of corn shellers were in operation - including an old Minneapolis-Moline unit.

Stationary engines of all types.

A "Dyno" so you could test your tractor if you wanted.

All-in-all, I had fun.

I can't wait for next year....

I will be putting up some of the photos in my Flickr account later tonight and tomorrow.
You can click on the "Flickr Photos" tab on the left under "Other sites".

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  1. It was fun, and enough shade, exept when I had to be out in the sun for the parade so I could get some photos...and see. Would like to have seen a bit more, had I not got to much of that sun. If we make it next year, maybe I can go to the seats soon enough, to get one in the shade, where I can still take photos. LOL


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