Friday, August 15, 2008

Odd Growth on My Goat's Head.....

The other goats were even picking at it!

I first noticed it at about 2:30 this afternoon. Deb and I had been peeling apples to freeze and can. We have been using one of those hand-crank apple peelers. The kind that peel the fruit in one long ribbon, and also core it, while it's at it.

These things make it MUCH easier to peel and core the apples. We both would set down and peel apples for a couple hours and only come up with enough to do a couple pies.

One day, a couple of years ago - in the middle of apple season - we were in town at the local hardware store. There on the shelf was a peeler. It was just under $20, so we decided to give it a try.

MAN, are we glad we did! Now we can do enough for 10 pies in a couple hours! We liked it so much we bought a spare.

The tree in our front yard is absolutely LOADED this year. Last year, the frost killed the blossoms, so we did not have a single apple. The tree is really making up for it this year, though.

There are tons of windfalls every day. I toss several over the fence for the goats, and they chase them down like kids after candy. It's comical to see them, sometimes.
Our neighbor has come over and picked up several so she can can them. We told her to keep coming back! Between the ones on the ground and the ones still on the tree, we should have PLENTY stored up.

I plan on canning some like my mom used to. She would take small ones (or crab apples) and pickle them whole. I THINK I know how she did it, but am always on the lookout for a recipe.

OH yeah.......The goat.

Here is a photo of her head:

I've heard of worms before but, this is a massive attack! Good thing goats eat these kind of "worms"......

I was in the barn working this afternoon, when the newest kittens came out to play. The two youngsters are SUPPOSED to be one gray and white and one ALL white. I don't know WHAT they were playing in but, it was wet and oily! I looked around for something that would have turned him this color but couldn't find anything. It will take him a LONG time to get rid of it, though.

It has GOT to taste nasty, too. I haven't been able to catch these two, so I can't clean him up. The prospect of giving a cat a bath is not one of high importance, nor is it advisable......

Might have to call him "Two-Tone" for awhile.....

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