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Saturday, September 27, 2008

One of THOSE E-mails........

Friday morning, the 26th, we got an e-mail from a friend of ours wife. She said that her husband was in a serious motorcycle accident (he will recover, but it has been described as a "Life changing event....").

I guess he was T-boned by an SUV which pulled out in front of him. He broke his arm in several places (his RIGHT arm, naturally, since he is right handed....), and shattered his ankle in several places.

He will need several surgeries, and LOTS of Physical Therapy to recover. The doctors expect him to regain the use of his arm/leg but maybe not at 100%.

For now, the pain meds are wonderful.......

I haven't seen them since 1985, and Deb has never met them. We HOPE to be able to go for a visit sometime in the near future and stay for a few days.

We will just have to see what happens.

For now, it's just a "wait and see" type deal. We'll wait and see when we can go!
At least he is in good spirits!

It was almost 90° today....WAY to hot for this (or any....) time of year. Tomorrow it is only supposed to get to 71°, so it will be a welcome change. The rest of the week looks like it's gonna be a "70/40" week - highs in the 70's, lows in the 40's....

Most guys are cutting beans now, corn will begin soon. Some of the neighbors are actually finished with beans.

This morning (Sunday), our LGD - Yani - started barking at 0645. I decide that I'd better check, since it is an odd hour of the day for her to bark like she was. I walked out behind the barn and saw a nice herd of about 15-20 deer in the field north of us. They were chowing down in the neighbor's beans. As soon as they heard me talking to Yani, they "bugged out" across the road, into a bean field that had already been harvested.

I guess Yani figured them to be a threat to "her" goats.

Speaking of her goats, they are all getting cozy with her now. Some even head butt her (mostly cheap shots when she isn't looking....). They don't like to be trapped in the barn with her, but they don't mind being outside with her, even if she lays down next to them.

I put up a temporary corn crib in the barn using pallets. It will quickly become too small, but will work until I get something else built. The chickens are walking around with worried looks on their faces, and are going nuts trying to get at the corn. So far, they have been foiled....

Last Thursday, I took some metal to the scrap yard. Since it is only a couple of blocks away, I like to stop at the "Bread Bakery Outlet Store". They USUALLY have "Walmart" bags stuffed with 5 to 6 loaves of bread for $2. This time, I was lucky and bought a "cart". This is, basically, a shopping cart stuffed with loaves of bread. They don't put them in the Walmart bags for you, they just leave them loose (in their own bags) in the cart.

The cost of the "cart" was also $2, so I paid for it and proceeded to unload it into my pickup. For the same $2, I brought home 39 loaves of bread, ten bags of Kaiser Rolls and 6 bags of hot dog buns.

I have been tossing them into the bed of my "farm truck" (1979 F-150) to dry for grinding. I covered the top of the bed with chain-link fencing to keep out any "Enquiring Minds" - Feline or fowl....

It usually takes about two afternoons to dry the bread to a crunch. I usually cover it at night with a tarp because of dew.

I already have most of the haul dried.

Now I need to grind some more feed....

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