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Monday, September 29, 2008

Winter's a Comin' Early......

I've seen that some places are predicting an early winter this year. Last night, we had a 70% chance of rain.

The lightning woke me up at about 0215 this morning. I could hear the first drops start hitting the roof, so I got up and started to close the windows. It was coming from the northwest, and had a 20 mph wind with it. It was actually quite pleasant.

There were several claps of thunder, but nothing spectacular. I decided to check the radar online and then headed back to bed.

As soon as I got back into bed, Deb woke up (or so we THOUGHT....).

She turned over, opened her eyes and asked -

"Is it raining or icing?"

APPARENTLY she was still half asleep and dreaming of a weather report about an approaching ice storm.....

She only fully woke up when I asked her "Now, WHY would it be icing?"

APPARENTLY she wasn't aware that it was 72° degrees outside....

The window was open, the fan was blowing - and she was concerned about a blizzard....
Go figure.

This morning when she got to her computer, she found the bowl of water I had left on her desk. When she asked what it was for, I told her that it was "The first snowball of the season...".

She was NOT amused......

The Farmer's Almanac predicted an early winter - we just didn't know HOW early.....

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