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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Meet the "Pathetic Little Fuzzball"

Back in September, Deb's mom and brother came out to help work on my barn. With them, they brought some chickens and three little kittens. Two of the kittens were a darker "calico" color, and the other was all white.

The white one has always been much tamer then the other two - that was the reason Deb's dad sent her out here. He figured that the darker two would have a buddy who was friendly, and then they'd "learn by example".

One of the Calico ones was injured and lost the use of her hind legs, so we had to "put her down". The other one is doing just fine, and is real friendly - especially when food is involved.

The little white one we have been calling "Fuzzball", due to her looking like she stuck her tail in a light socket.

Picture a cat that you've used a hair dryer on......

She has always been extremely friendly. All you need do is pick her up and flip her over onto her back. She will immediately start purring and gets comfortable in your arms. I've had her almost asleep, cradled in my elbow.

That was when she was little. Now, 2 months later, she STILL acts like a little kitten.

Here are a couple of photos taken today of her in Deb's arms:

We have "officially" changed her name to - "Pathetic".......

Then there is "My Tractor Buddy".

I need to change her name to "Pest".

She just HAS to be where ever I am - generally right under my face, blocking my view, or on my shoulder.

Here she is on my shoulder. I just turned the camera back towards us and snapped. It was all skill and agility, no luck involved.....

I've even had her ride on the tractor with me (although, she usually jumps off...).
She's even being nice to Deb.....

Kinda makes me wonder what that cat is up to......

I FINALLY got my sickle mower working today. I was having trouble with the drive shaft. It was not staying on properly because I couldn't get the fancy "coupler" it has to fully lock. I have been running used oil through it the past few days. It finally decided "Resistance is Futile" and started to work. I managed to mow the sides of the driveway and cut down some corn stalks for the goats.

It sure is MUCH easier then doing it with a corn knife.

I wonder if I could train that cat to chop corn stalks instead of just watching me do it.....

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