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Friday, October 24, 2008

My New "Tractor Buddy"....

Back in August, we took a trip to Deb's mom and dad's house in NW Missouri. The main focus was to bring back a replacement Billy goat for our nannies.
Once there, her dad wanted to know if we wanted to take home one of his "friendly" kitties.

On our previous trip over, we learned about his "friendly" kittens:

On that trip, he kept telling us how friendly this one particular kitten was. He took us out to the barn, got the kitten, and set out some food for it. It happily set about to munching the food. As her dad went to pet the kitten, it lashed out with a paw and embedded a claw into his hand......

So now, we didn't know WHAT to expect.

When we were ready to leave for home this trip, he got the kitten he wanted to give us. It DID NOT like being shipped off! When we got her home, I managed to get her into a large pet taxi in hopes that she would tame down. The next day, she latched onto my hand as I was trying to pet her.

We decided to just open the taxi and let her go - if she ran off - ok, if she tamed down, great. We figured we'd never see her again.

She was the wildest cat I've ever seen - and MEAN.

Gradually, she came back from "The Dark Side".

Now she thinks she is a dog, and follows me everywhere.

This afternoon, I was unloading some of the wood my neighbor had split for me. She sat up on the side of the stock racks of the pickup, watching. I was filling one arm with a load of wood when, all of a sudden, a puffy fuzzball "appeared" on top of the wood in my arm.

She came up, rubbed my chin with her back, said "Mer-ee-ow", and hopped off, onto the pickup.

She will follow along when I am doing anything in the barn. If she isn't "helping" then she is sitting quietly nearby, watching. Every once-in-awhile, she will come up to be pet, then go back to watching.

This evening, I was out by my new tractor to check a couple of things and, true to form, here she came. She climbed up the rear of the tractor, and got onto the seat.

It wasn't long before she wanted to get closer:

She just HAS to be right close to where I'm at. I even started the tractor and she stayed right where she was. If I would walk away, she follows, but hops right back on when I get back.

She'll NEVER replace a good dog but, she makes a heck of a nice cat....

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