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Thursday, October 23, 2008

She's HOME!

My neighbor decided that today would be a good day to run up and bring my tractor home.

He pulled his trailer into his shed last night so it would be dry enough to work on the lights. He had just replaced the brake axle, so we had to make sure that the brakes were in proper order, too. It took about an hour, but we got things wired up so we could make the trip.

It was another dark, overcast day but, what little rain we hit was of the light variety. We headed out of town at 9:30 for Omaha, and points north.

After a quick lunch at KFC, we headed on into the dealer's lot to load up.

All was going good until we got the tractor half way onto the trailer. That's when we found out that it was about 4" too wide to go between the wheel wells. We decided that we had two choices - (1) use blocks and cribbing to help the tractor's rear tires "jump" the wheel wells, or (2) loosen up the bolts on the tractors rims and see if the "Power Adjust" function works.

I made the decision to see if the rims would move (I knew I'd be the one UNloading it, and didn't want to "jump" the wheel wells....).

So, the dealer takes the tractor back into his shop and gets out the air impact wrench. There was very little rust on these rims but the bolts holding the adjusters were stubborn. He ended up getting his "Big Gun" air impact out. A REALLY nice 1" drive model that zipped the nuts loose like they weren't even tight.

It's nice to have the right tools to handy.....

We slid both tires in about 3" and tightened everything back up. This time she loaded with ease. On the trip back home, we hit a little rain, but nothing major. we got back to town at 3:30, topped of the truck and were home before 4:00. It even stopped raining to let us unload!

Here is a picture of my "new" Ford 4000 sitting at her new home.

Now, if it would only dry up a little bit so I could play.....er..... WORK with it!

We bought it from "Lee Vally" in Tekamah, Nebraska. They are great folks to work with and have connections all over the country to find machines.


  1. Gotta love those 3-cylinder Fords. I'm looking for a nice 3000/4000... looks like you found a nice one.

    I have an 2N, 8N and an 860 at the moment - the 860 is the workhorse. Looks like you found your workhorse.

    -George (Chapman, NE)

  2. Real nice looking tractor. But I agree with the other fellow who said those blue rims have got to go.
    Good luck with it.
    Jerry aka Ultradog MN

  3. you had it right the first time..."play" boys and their toys!

  4. That looks like a nice tractor. Sure a pretty blue. Glad you were able to find it.

  5. Nice find....man am I jealous! Hope to find one myself. A 2000 or 3000 would suit me for my needs. Enjoy!
    -Dave, Andover NY


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