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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

"Twas a Dark, Stormy DAY.......

So we decided to go out driving in it!
Actually, it was DARK, but it was light rain for most of the 210 mile round trip.

For the past few months, I have been looking for a larger tractor then what I have so I could do things a little better around here. I searched high and low, east, west, and south.

I came up with a few prospects but, they all were - as the baseball announcer puts it: "JUST a bit outside" our price range.

Then, one day last week, I looked up in the sky and saw THIS:

It was pointing to the north-northeast.

I took this as a sign from On High to search in that direction.

Since we had already decided on a make and model of tractor - we narrowed it down from "anything except John Deere", to Ford....., it was a simple task to do a search - especially in this age of the internet!

Up to this point, I was searching for a specific model by price range, starting at $1000. Since this dealer had listed the price as "CALL" it didn't show up. I "refined" my search to start at $0, and - lo-and-behold, she showed up!

I had also sold my other tractor, so I knew how much cash we had. This one fell right into the price range, and even included a loader!

Since I had nothing major planned for the day - and Deb didn't have anything IMPORTANT to do (she did mention something about digital scrapbooking......I'm not real sure what that is.....), we decided to make the trip to go check it out.

We stopped in Omaha to have lunch, pick up a couple things for the neighbor, and go to the "toy store" for Deb (Best Buy). It was nearly 1:30 before we finally got to the real reason for the trip - my tractor.

The drizzle even let up long enough for Deb to be able to climb abord the tractor without melting.

After running it around for a few minutes and checking things out, we went inside to "haggle". Actually, we didn't do TOO much haggling - he was pretty firm on his price (which WAS a good price).

During the conversation, we mentioned that Deb's Grandmother was born in the nearby town. The dealer asked what her last name was, so we told him - "Olson". He started telling us of some Olsons that lived around town and said "But we aren't related to them".

I asked him HIS last name and he said: "Olson"

Never know, we might be "shirt tail" relation......

Anyhoo - we ended up buying a 1972 Ford 4000 Series Tractor. It has a 3 cylinder gas motor and a little over 50 horsepower.

Now, we just gotta get it home......

Just remember -

Keep looking, keep praying, and watch for signs from Above....


  1. Making a snide comment like that about me not having anything important to do, just isn't to nice, after I let you talk me into going for that drive today! See how ya are!

    MEAN I tell ya, totally MEAN!!

  2. Good job! I admire your patience and persistance. Anyone can just throw money at a problem, but it takes a REAL MAN to stick to his guns (budget) and be ready to pull the trigger when the right deal presents itself. Next thing to buy is a flat trailer!


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