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Sunday, October 26, 2008

New - Bians....

Today dawned bright and sunny, nice 43°, little breeze.....not bad.

Things were about to change - rapidly.

By late morning the "breeze" had turned into a straight wind of 35 mph from the north and gusts over 45 mph.

We figured it was as good a day as any to go pick up the two Nubian goats we bought a few days ago! Actually, it wasn't bad coming HOME. GETTING there wasn't so great, though. I was driving into a pretty stiff headwind.

The man who we got the goats from actually got blown about 10' by a strong gust. He grabbed my truck to keep from going further.

I still had 2 of the 3 sides for the stock racks on, so didn't take very long to put the other back on. I was on my way by 2:00 pm. It was only about 25 miles, so even with the headwind, it didn't take long.

The lady selling the goats, and her 16 year old daughter, didn't really want to be there to see these two goats leave. They were the daughter's pets.

At any rate, we loaded them up, and I left within about 10 minutes for the trip home.

I almost just shut the truck off, put her in neutral and COASTED home!

Here is a photo of the two girls while they were waiting in the truck to get out at their new home:

The one standing is Winny, the other is Teacup Rose - or Rosie.

Evidently, Rosie didn't like being photographed. I got closer, zoomed in, and she started making faces at me!

I gave them some hay, water and a little grain/feed mix. Hopefully they will settle in nicely. I'll keep them by themselves for a bit. They can see the other goats through the gate.

They can also see the evil LGD through the gate. Maybe they will get used to her a little while they're at it....


  1. Nice looking Nubians! They look like some Mini-Nubian does that we had here.

    ~*~Amy AKA Amy Goatress~*~

  2. Providence Hill FarmNovember 15, 2008 at 5:30 PM

    Hi Galen,

    Nice looking does you got there! Enjoy all that milk :)

    Christy from Atchison


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