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Friday, October 10, 2008

Well, THAT'S Odd....

I think it's those darn cats....

Yesterday, I was working on some fence and my rubber boots became CAKED with mud. Not the everyday DIRT mud, but the nasty, gooey, clay mud that sticks to everything and stays there.

I didn't want to take that much mud inside the pickup, so I tossed them in back and put on a pair of sandals to drive back to the house.

I went about the rest of the day not worrying about my mud boots in the back of the truck.

I SHOULD have been.....

I DID notice the feline furrballs had one of "those" attitudes yesterday afternoon. They all seemed like they were "up to something".

They were probably laughing behind my back.....

Last evening, I made a quick trip up to my neighbors to pick up a few buckets of corn that his auger pan spit out on the ground. It will make great chicken feed. Once again, I ignored my boots, and left them standing in the pickup bed.

Had I known THEN what I know NOW.....

So, this morning, I go out to do chores. I slip on the sandals to walk out to the truck where I PLANNED on putting on my boots.

That's when I found the oddity.....

I picked up the right boot and put it on the ground so I could put it on. Nothing abnormal.

When I picked up the LEFT one - THAT'S when I found it.
There was about 1/2" of WATER (or SOMETHING liquid....) in my boot!

It was standing right beside the other one, and IT was completely dry! It didn't rain last night. There was very little dew.

Why would one be dry, and the other - less then 3" away - have so much "water" in it?

Somehow, I KNOW the cats are behind this.....

And I WAS gonna give them some Sardines today....

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  1. Yes, that is odd.

    Happy Anniversery!
    Have a wonderful day.


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