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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The last couple of days have been rainy, cool, and WINDY. It is a welcome change from the 80's we have been experiencing. We only received about 4/10ths of an inch of rain, so the corn harvest won't be "on hold" for very long.

I manged to build small corn crib in the barn. I wanted a more permanent one, and one that was more "chicken proof" then the one made from pallets that I had. I left spaces between the boards, but only about 3/8" until I was above "head high" on a chicken. They can still get their beak through, but can't do too much damage.

I still need to finish the door and add some chicken wire around the top half but I moved the corn over to it, even if it wasn't done. I had PLENTY of concerned citizens inspecting from a distance. They sure were disappointed when I was done. I didn't leave them any "loop holes" to steal grain through.

Yesterday, I finished up husking the corn I had picked, and swept out the pickup bed. I'm ready for another round, now.

The goats REALLY appreciate the husks! I dumped several 5 gallon buckets full (packed tight) into their tire. They disappeared QUICKLY.

I was dumped a bucket, then turned to pick up another to dump, when I found Carmel with her head through the fence and chowing down inside the other bucket. I apparently parked it too close to the fence.

Sometimes, goats and chickens have longer necks then you'd realize...

This afternoon, the sun was coming in the west windows of the barn at just the PURR-fect angle. I caught this kitty on the hay, taking a nap in a sunbeam.

Here is a close-up:

She sure looks comfortable.....

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