Friday, October 3, 2008

Waiting to Get Bread.....

This morning, I was on my way to give the chickens the last loaf of bread that I had, that I didn't dry. All was well and good until I was spotted by the goats....

I think its all of those sad "puppy dog" eyes that get me. I didn't fully "cave", though, I just zipped 5-6 slices over the fence. It was kinda neat seeing them lined up like that, though.

It's slow going on picking corn. We've managed about 1/3 of it. There were 6 more rows finished today, so I shredded them down so we could move over easier. The stalks are about 3 feet higher then the top of my 8N Ford tractor.

I stopped part way through to take a few photos. It chugged right through the stalks without any problems.

The chickens were happy that I shredded the stalks down. It made it easier for them to "sift through" the field for any scraps.

Here is a shot of the "Clean-up Crew" in action.

That's one of the advantages of having chickens around. They do a lot of clean up duties that I'd have to do if they weren't here.

Like this afternoon. I needed to grind some more feed for them. They can be pesky - you can't leave anything unguarded - unless you want it "molested" - but they can be helpful, too.

Every time I finish grinding, the auger and the auger base need cleaned out (I didn't know this the first time I used this grinder a few years back, and it got wet.....not a pretty sight....). I usually slide a piece of tin under the base, open the access panel, then dig and tap. After I've gotten about all I am gonna get, I let the vultures do the "fine work".

Usually it ends up pretty spotless.

I ALMOST had a terrible grinding accident today. I finished one barrel and was getting the second one ready. I noticed that one of the younger hens had jumped up on the grinder and hopped down into the chute where you dump the grain in. At the bottom of this chute is the roller that "pre-grinds" the material and funnels it to the burr.

I shooed her out and told her to "stay out, unless you want to be ground".

About 15 seconds later, I started the tractor, engaged the PTO and heard a blood curdling "SQUAWK!". I turned just in time to see her come shooting up out of the chute, feathers flying. Evidently, she didn't heed my warning and almost became ground chicken.

Some birdbrains, just NEVER listen.

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