Sunday, November 9, 2008

Cold and Blustry....

It's been a BIG change from the beginning of last week! We went from the 70's to highs in the 30's, with lows into the teens. That's not the bad part, though. We've also had winds blowing in the 35+ mph range.....

Not a good time to be outdoors....

Last summer, when we sold some of our farm, there was some "unfinished business" that needed to be taken care of. Since it involved a fence, most of the work had to wait until after November 1st, when the cattle were removed. This left a short "window" for the fence to be built.

It had to be done after the cattle left, before the ground froze too hard, and before the cattle returned in the spring. The new owner told me that we could hold off until the cattle left.

The additional thing was - this fence was SUPPOSED to be built by July of 2003.....

It was also SUPPOSED to be built on a 50/50 basis (materials and labor...) with another party.

After trying to get things done for the past 6 years, and being told by others that "If you have to rely on (other party) to do it, then it will never get done".
We figured long ago we'd have to do the job ourselves. We had also been told as much by others.

THANKFULLY, friends and neighbors chipped in materials to cover for (other party) not holding up their end of the commitment. Our neighbor to the north gave me a good sized pile of "T" post clips. It turned out that I have about a dozen left over. It was almost the exact amount we needed! He also gave me some barb wire, as did another neighbor.

We even had a different neighbor give me a bunch of fence staples - the GOOD kind!

Some of the posts we pulled out of the existing fence line. The others came from still a different neighbor.

The rest of the materials I scrounged up from other places. I DID use some wire (for brace ties) that I bought....

It took several days but, we finished the last wire this afternoon!

It might not be the BEST fence ever built - and I'm sure it won't meet the approval standards of (other party) but, that's life.

Since I was told by them that they "weren't worried about it", I guess they shouldn't complain.

We were nice, however - we even pulled down part of their old fence line so it wouldn't be hard to get at when the new fence was in.

I'm just glad it's done!

It's great to have friends and neighbors that are willing to lend a hand when you need it.

Thanks to all who helped!

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