Monday, November 10, 2008


I guess it has finally arrived!

Since my wife just bought a new camera (her old one was "dying" *wink* *wink*....), she wanted to go take a few photos of the fall foliage we have. Unfortunately, most of the leaves had already fallen.

We did manage to find a few Oak trees that still had their leaves, but they had turned from the red/orange to a rusty brown. They are, however, still beautiful.

Deb was off taking photos of stuff she wanted to take while I just pointed and shot a few things.

I found this Cottonwood tree that is partially hollow. It's a shame but, I SHOULD take this tree down before it falls on the fence. It might last 30 years - or go tomorrow. The visible hollow goes from right at ground level to about 15 feet high. It continues up the tree for a few more feet without being open to the outside.

Meanwhile, Deb was taking photos of the leaves and branches of the other trees. Here she is in her natural state:

We're thinking of having the camera surgically implanted so she never misses a shot. The dogs already think it's part of her body, anyway.....

I have been using her old camera (the "dying" one, remember....) since my little Panasonic "Point and Shoot" is being repaired (lens shutter wouldn't close properly). This is the camera she bought a awhile back when her camera at THAT time was "dying".

I used it for another 1 1/2 years before it actually DID die....

Something fishy going on there.....

I checked the antifreeze in all the vehicles and equipment today. It was a little weak in one of the tractors, so I had to buy a gallon. It amazes me - and makes me laugh - every time I see the "50/50 Premixed" stuff on the shelf. It's usually something around $8 for it, and $9 for full strength. It APPEARS cheaper but, remember - it's only HALF antifreeze - the rest is water. This makes it $16 dollars a gallon, in order to get the same gallon of antifreeze you pay $9 for.

Also - if you use it to "top off" your system, you are actually diluting it FURTHER.

Another case of convenience not making much sense....

The goats decided to spend most of the day in the barn. It was raining and they were afraid that they were going to melt.

I spent part of the afternoon out there doing some odds and ends. All the goats were accounted for, but Yani had disappeared. I decided that I better go look for her. She wasn't in any of her usual "hang outs" so I checked the "hut" we have in a small adjoining pasture.

Sure enough, there she was - sound asleep in the straw. Not a goat in sight to bother her.

I didn't have a camera, so I didn't get a picture. I figured that she "works" nights, so I'd let her sleep while she could. I saw her out and about just before sunset, so she's "on duty" now.

Yani sure likes the cooler weather. It's way better then having to pant all day.....I can't wait to see what she does when it snows.

One things for sure - she'll like it better then I will......

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  1. *giggle* sure sounds bad the way you put it, but when a camera starts being unreliable and not giving me good photos to many times, especially when I really want them, and can't retake them....then I start wanting a replacement. So kid all you want, I'll have the last laugh, when years down the road we have books full of memories....that we wouldn't have had, had I not had a good camera!

    And just you wait, it will give you blurry photos if you use it fact it has already some, just not as many as I have gotten from it, when I use it lots.


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