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Monday, December 8, 2008

New Guide Book....

After a LONG wait, the latest in the "Learning to Scrounge" series is FINALLY here! This latest book describes how to make a cheap, easy, and useful Bale Basket to pull behind your baler.

A Bale Basket is something that you can't live without if you are putting up hay by yourself and don't want to run all over the hay field picking up bales left on the ground.

The basket collects them and dumps them into 10-12 bale piles.

No hydraulics, nothing electrical, very few moving parts! You can use all new material, or scrounge around for what you need.

Click below for a direct link to the guide, or you can click on "Store" to the left and see all of the guides we have for sale.

Find New Guide book Here



  1. I scrounged my chickens a home...and thought you, of all people, might appreciate it. Check out my blog to have a 'chook' look.

  2. Thanks for the comments and ideas. I only have three 'girls' so I might not flip it, but a 'landing pad' is a good idea. Sadly I am contemplating putting a bullseye on it thinking of it as a 'landing pad'. TEE HEE!

    I do think they will like all the natural light.


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