Sunday, December 7, 2008

Feeling a little better....

Ever since we came back from Kansas last weekend - and even on the way back - we've been a little "under the weather".
I've had the worst of it, but Deb has been feeling it, too.

Her "World Famous" Chicken Soup helped IMMENSELY the other day, as I THINK I'm on the down side of things.

It's been cold and windy the past few days, so it was a good time to stay indoors, anyway.

About all I managed to do for most of the week was to tend to the animals.

A few weeks ago, we brought home my Ford 4000 tractor. We got it, knowing that one of the rear rims would need replacing. The place we bought the tractor from (Lee Valley, Inc, of Tekamah, NE) came up with a new rim for us.

The hard part was getting it the 100 miles from there to here....

This afternoon, they called and told me that they were on the way to Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas. They set up an appointment to meet me at a truckstop 35 miles from our house.

I was a few minutes late.

As I was heading down the highway to get the rim, I looked up into a few roadside trees.

This is what I saw:

I realize that it is not a really GREAT photo, but he knew I was there and wouldn't let me get to a point where I could get a good one!

At any rate, it's a Bald Eagle just to the east Of Tecumseh, Nebraska.

They have started to be more and more prevalent in this area. We see more and more of them every year.

The new rim looks nice. Now all I need to do is paint it white and get it installed.

Probably wait until spring.....

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