Monday, December 1, 2008

Pretty Maids, All in a Row....

Well - all except for one.....

The all white one in the back is a boy....

We arrived back home safely on Saturday evening. We left last Wednesday to spend Thanksgiving at my brother's house in Great Bend, Kansas. It's a (nearly) 300 mile trip one-way, so the drive is NOT fun.

We had a friend check in on things and take care of our livestock while we were gone.
I had things set up so all he had to do was open/close the chicken house and make sure the goats didn't run out of hay.

I figured that the goats could live without grain for 3-4 days.....

I REALLY got an earful on Sunday morning when I gave them breakfast!

I had almost all of them lined up against the rail in the barn, yelling at me, and telling me that the guy I hired to feed them tried to starve them (they didn't know it was MY fault they didn't get grain...).

At any rate, they practically mugged me when I brought it to them! I separate the "little guys" and the Kinder Goats out from the others so they get their share. The picture above is all of the youngin's lined up "peacefully, eating from a trough in the barn. The adults don't like this arrangement because they have to wait for their breakfast.

I gave them a little extra on Sunday but today it was back to normal.

I think they're disappointed that the extra only lasted one day...

It was a long week - and a short week - depending on how you look at it. It was long, due to travelling, but short on just about everything else.

On our way down to Kansas, we passed by a LARGE house just east of Hebron, Nebraska. My Mom and I stopped by there nearly 20 years ago. It is large enough to see from several miles away. Deb and I decided to stop by and take a few photos. Here are a couple. I don't know the story behind this structure, but it HAS to be interesting.

I went into the field next door to take one of the back side of the house.

It is a really huge mansion - three story with a basement. I don't know how old it is but, I'd guess it was started in the 1880's or so.


  1. And, it's sitting there empty. Oh, to be able to afford to fix up a beautiful old house like that. sigh...

  2. Your "Prettty Maids" and one little billie look real good all lined up there.

    That is a really big old house. Would be interesting to see.


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