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Monday, December 15, 2008

Time to Break Out a Jacket....

This passed Saturday, we enjoyed temperatures into the 60's. It was windy, so not EXTREMELY nice, but it was a nice day.

Sunday morning, I went out to do chores at about 8:30 (we sleep in a bit on Sundays....). It was a nice, cozy 45°, with a very light breeze. The sky was close to being overcast and I could see thicker, bluer clouds to the northwest. I finished by 9:00 and headed in.

I hurried because I was starting to freeze...

Before I went back in, I read the thermometer on the porch. It said 20° - and the wind was howling out of the Northwest at about 25 mph.

By the time we went to bed (10:30), the temp had dropped to 3° and wind chills in the -20° range.

It was -1° and a -23° windchill this morning at 7:30. Since we had to go to Lincoln, we would have to be out in it today. It mustered 9° as a high this afternoon. The wind has subsided a bit (it's -6° windchill....), so it isn't as cold out.

We are EAGERLY awaiting the 2-4" of snow that is supposed to arrive tomorrow....

I didn't let the chickens out yesterday or today, with wind chills this low, it wouldn't be worth it. Might as well keep them inside where it is warm.
The goats, sleep in a pile to keep each other warm. It's funny - you see ones that hate each other during the day, sleeping on top of each other at night. Yani even piles on (or GETS piled on....), and the cats dive into the hay.

Odd how sub-zero temps and wind chills keep the cats from greeting me on the porch in the mornings....

I have been having trouble with Bursitis in my hips for several years. This afternoon, I had a doctor appointment to see if anything could be done.
The first thing was, they had me put on a funky looking pair of shorts made from a roll of blue paper towels. They fit around the waist but hung down to my knees - it's one of those "one size fits most" deals.

I felt like I was wearing a cheap version of those baggy pants that the NBA calls basketball uniforms....

After asking me to point to the spot where it hurt the worst, they gave me a shot - right in the painful part of the hip. I saw the needle - it was about 4" long - and was PRAYING that he wasn't going to be using ALL of it!

Just as he stuck my hip, I saw Deb look away and cover her eyes.

Then it HIT me. He FOUND the pain spot! I guess they know they hit the right spot when you come up off the table. The nurse leaned down on my shoulder and said, in a nice, calm voice, "Take long, deep breaths..."

If I COULD have breathed, I would have told her just what I thought of her suggestion (and probably a few other choice words...). Thankfully, it was over in about 30 seconds - but it felt like an hour.

(It's odd how you go to the doctor with an ache, then they prod, twist, shove and tug until it hurts WORSE then when you got there!)

At any rate, I now know why he wanted me to point out where it hurt the most. Next time I'm gonna point to Deb's hip!

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  1. You can point at mine all you want, but it won't do you any good!! *giggle*


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