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Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Well - here we have another find.

I talked to another local farmer about this older corn crib sitting on his farm. It hasn't been used for over 20 years. He's had 2 different guys tell him they wanted it but, it still sits.

I'm thinking it would make a really nice turkey or other "fowl" pen. I could also use part of it for what it was intended or flatten out the panels for use as fencing. There are probably other uses, too, I'd just have to think about it for awhile.

My main problem is how to take it down. It has 3 five foot sections, plus the roof. Normally, you would jack the thing up and remove the bottom section, then lower it down, reset the jacks, then do it again.

I won't have the jacks......

The only thing holding it to the ground is the posts. I might be able to use a loader on two side to lift it a couple inches, hook it to the posts, then pull the bottom section out. Then lower and repeat.

I'm sure I will come up with something but, it will wait until a warmer, WINDLESS day. These bins don't weigh a lot, but they can get "froggy" in the wind. There are about a zillion bolts to remove, too.

It sounds like a fun project.

Yesterday afternoon, before the 40 mph winds got here, I made a couple of hay feeders for the stalls in my barn. I was given a pile of 4' x 4' sections of combination cattle panels last year. I decided that they would work pretty good at holding hay. This is what I ended up with:

They fit nicely into the stall corner, and keep the hay up off of the floor. They also help keep the waste down. Each one holds a "flake" of hay.

The two moms that are in these stalls are jealous of the one who has the "Presidential Suite". They have a 40" x 65" stall, and she gets the 9' x9' palace, complete with a heated "Hot Tub" for her kid.

I think they're about ready to call a lawyer ;

Oh, well, They could be outside in the sub-zero wind chills....

It will probably be this weekend when I let them out all day, then pen them up at night.

Good thing I don't have a phone in the barn -

They'd for sure figure out a way to get a hold of an attorney.

1 comment:

  1. The stalls and hay feeders are looking good. It's neat seeing the goats in them.
    Kathy T


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