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Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Yesterday morning, I went to town to pick up a couple more barrels to use to burn trash. While I was there, I noticed the State Highway Department had a large pile of pallets and broken sign posts at one of their "yards".

This morning, I called to ask if they needed them.

I was told that I could have anything I wanted out of that pile, because they were just going to burn them, anyway.

Even though the wind chill is down to the -12° range, I decided that I'd better go collect them before someone else did, or the weather broke and they were burnt.

It was a cold operation, and took about an hour, but was well worth it. I collected 9 4x4 posts close to 8' long, another 9 that I can use as corner braces (over 5' long...), and quite a few 3' long.

I plan to use the short ones as "blocks and chocks", for anything that I need to block up off the ground or keep from rolling. The ones that are 5' long and longer will make excellent braces for corner posts. They are treated and in good shape. They should last for a long time. I also have plans to use some as table legs in the barn, and maybe a couple for use as posts for the fence around the yard.

I also found a nice 3/8" log chain yesterday. It only has one hook, and has some rust but, should clean up nicely and come in handy.

Chain hooks are cheap.

We also lost a goat this morning. Chocolate, the mom of the twins that died over the weekend, decided that life wasn't worth it without her children. She had been EXTREMELY depressed after they died, and wasn't eating much. She would go outside some but, would always return to her corner in the barn. She was a fun goat to have around.

The other babies are doing well and eager for the wind chills to stop.

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