Friday, January 16, 2009

Home-style Breakfast, and Disappointment....

Once again, we had Deb's cook stove in the kitchen going this morning. It was down to just above zero last night (wind chills into the sub-zero teens...), and we received about an inch of snow. It's still only 14° - and -2° wind chill - but not that bad out. The wind is from the south, and that is WAY better then from the north.

We decided to have a "Home Style" breakfast today.

We used the wood stove, and used (mostly) ingredients we produced or processed right here on the farm. We call it "Eggs in a Hole" - and it tastes MUCH better with home-made bread, over store bought.

Deb made the bread from scratch - even using flour we ground (by hand, not electric) in the kitchen. The eggs were from our hens, even the SALT was ground by us (also by hand...)

OK, we bought the butter....

You just slice the bread as normal, butter one side like you would for a grilled cheese sandwich, put them in the pan (butter side down), cut a "hole" out of the bread (large enough to hold the egg). Fry the pieces of bread you cut out, right along with the rest. Next, drop and egg in the center of each slice (where you cut the piece out). We fry ours hard (the ONLY way to eat an egg...), but if you want less fried egg, then let the bread toast a bit before adding the egg. Fry it on both sides, then enjoy!

Grilled Cheese sandwiches with home-made bread are TONS better them store bought bread, by the way.....

Cooking on a wood stove is entirely different from a gas or electric range. To "turn it down" involves moving the pan to a cooler part of the stove, or removing it from the heat, entirely. It's an interesting look into the past and how our fore-MOTHERS had to do things.

You can understand now, when your Grandmother said she cooked all day, she MEANT it....

On the disappointment front...

I went out to the barn this morning to take care of the goats. The two kids in the smaller stalls were doing fine - and looking for trouble to get into.

I made my way into the other part of the barn to find Romper's little boy peeking out of his "Kid Can", looking forlorn. I noticed right away the cause -

The light bulb that keeps his fuzzy little body warm - had burned out.

I don't think he was impressed.

He hollered for Mom to fix it, but she didn't much care, since she couldn't fit into the can, so it wouldn't help her.

If he only had thumbs....

Oh well - it was way passed time to wean him off of it, anyway. He'll do fine without it, he just THINKS he's gonna freeze to death. Lucky for him, it is SUPPOSED to be warmer the next few days (and nights).

Now he'll have to live like a goat, instead of a spoiled little kid....


  1. On cold days the wood cook stove is sure nice to have. Glad you and Debbie were able to have Grandma and Great Grandma's stove.

    Kathy T

  2. Happy Birthday Galen
    From Robin and Kathy


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