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Thursday, January 22, 2009

It's My Birthday, and I'll Cry If I Want to.....

Not really - I don't feel like crying!
God has blessed me with a wonder wife, wonderful kids (albeit, the GOAT kind...), wonderful in laws, wonderful friends, and a wonderful place to live.

I'm sure there are other things HE has blessed me with, too.

Yesterday, we had our taxes done. We decided to have them done out of town because of the "Gossip Network" around here. Since we sold part of our farm this past summer, we were concerned about Capital Gains" tax.
This is another illegal tax levied against anyone who sells property for more then what they paid for it.

We had our concerns and thoughts about what we would be forced to pay. When it was all said and done, the final tax was NOTHING like what we'd hoped it was. The IRS REALLY sticks it to unsuspecting landowners.

Oh well, we can eat Peanut-butter sandwich's for awhile.....wait......

I guess THAT'S out......

Last night, I pulled the manure spreader behind the barn so I could clean up a little while it was nice.

So, guess what I get to do on my birthday? Shovel black jelly beans....

I told Deb that it's her turn but, I was foiled again.

It will be a nice addition to the garden, though. I also have (what USED to be) 30 moldy hay bales, that have been composting for the last two years. They are broken down rather nicely. When my neighbor gave them to me, I stacked them loosely, using a few as a "bin", and have been stirring them every so often since. I need to push the pile up one more time before spring, and it should be usable (most of it, anyway) this year.

Well - it might not be the best SMELLING birthday I've ever had but, at least there's cake....


  1. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a good day, even if you do have to scoop out the barn. *giggle* I'm sure you will have lots of "help". :)

  2. I have a pitch fork with YOUR name on it.....{8^)

  3. Looks like I should have waited a little bit and put you birthday wishes in this post instead of the other one. So here is is again.
    (I don't suppose you can have to many wishes)

    Happy Birthday, Galen
    from Robin and Kathy


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