Saturday, February 21, 2009


Well folks, here she is - Queen Kali!

She is the newly crowned Galt High School (Missouri), Homecoming Queen.

She was selected over about 100 girls in her class.....

Well - actually, there were 5 others - but she WOULD have if her school were larger.

The school she attends is a small district - there are only 11 kids in her class - so they have Homecoming during basketball season, since they don't have a football team.

It's already gone to her head, she called us up today and wanted to talk to Deb, she didn't want to talk to me - I'm just a serf.....

Anyway, we are both glad and happy for her.

She's already a Princess to us.


  1. Ahhh The last line is so true!! She is a sweetheart and has always been my princess. She certainly deserves this honor and I'm so proud of her!! How did we get so lucky to have such a beautiful (inside & out) niece? :)

  2. Yes, she is a sweetheart.

    Such an exciting time for her.

    Kathy T

  3. Yep and the prettiest one ever, of course, it helps that I am her mom and very proud of her. She was so happy that night and I am happy she got it her senior year.
    Linda Dillon


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