Thursday, April 30, 2009

Prison Time.....

Well, that's it. Dress me in an orange jump suit.....

This morning, my neighbor decided that it was a good day to go to my pasture and dig rocks. It was foggy, dreary, threatening rain - but surprisingly warm.

I had asked him a few days ago if he could help remove several of the bigger rocks out of this part of the pasture so I could mow it this year for hay. This morning wasn't good for much else, so away we went.

My first thought was that old song:

Workin' on the Chain Gang....."

Ok, so it was MUCH easier the way we did it. We had almost ZERO manual labor (I didn't even get my hands dirty....). He brought his Bobcat over and used the teeth on the bucket to dig them out. It actually only took us about 45 minutes to pull out about 18 good sized rocks, and a bunch of smaller ones.

This is the first one we dug. It was also probably the largest, although, several others were close.

Rock Off...

Here is the same rock, with my hat to show size reference.

Rock On...

A lot of these were "icebergs". There was just a small part of it showing above ground - just enough to mess with the mower - while the main "body" of the rock was under ground.

One of the rocks we worked on turned into a "mess". It started out with digging ONE rock. When we got under it, we found one right next to it. THEN, the more we dug, the more rocks we found! We ended up pulling several out, and then not worrying about the rest. We made sure that they were buried, then quit.

Digging Rocks...

Now there are several holes to fill and smooth but, that will be easy. I still have this hole to fill, too:


This is from a large rock that was taken a few years ago. The guy who took it promised to fill the hole. I was told by several people that he'd never do it. Guess they were right. I can just fill it while I'm doing the rest of them. I have been dumping ashes in it for the past few years, and have it about half full.

My NEXT problem is finding a spot to put all of the rocks. For now, I will just pile the bigger ones up, and toss the "head" sized (and smaller) around the "goat tank" for stepping stones.

We brought home three more free chickens last night. I put them in with the other ones when we got home, and let them out this morning. The hen of the bunch is adjusting nicely.

The two roosters, however, have been in a constant fight with somebody since they got out this morning. I've seen one of them fighting 4 different birds. He's gonna wear himself out and get pummeled, if he ain't careful....

The goats are all piled up in the barn. They are afraid they are going to melt if they get wet outside.

Maybe they'll do some "bonding" while they're cooped up......

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