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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Cool Days, Cooler Nights...

Over the last few days, we've had a mix of weather - rain, wind, 80° sunshine, and 34° nights.

We WERE going to let the three youngest goats out with the others during the day but, it's been to cold for them to operate well. They are small enough that the others could crush them if they all piled together to stay warm.

Today, we decided to let them out for a romp in the afternoon sunshine. The first thing they did was to run and jump around on the "hill" beside the barn. They were VERY happy to get out and play.

Enjoying the sunshine

These three are the youngest, and the ones we had in the kitchen for several days. They have learned to be very persuasive with their eyes (or they at least TRY to be....). When we are out in the barn, they will follow us around like little puppy dogs.
It's probably because they think they should be fed every hour, on the hour....but it is kinda of neat having them tag along behind me. This one wasn't happy when we left:

"Come back here!!"

I told a few friends in town about them, and a couple of them want me to bring them (the goats) to where they work for a visit. We already have ONE spoiled rotten goat kid because of that, I wonder what three more would be like......?

Last weekend (April 18th), we had some friends and neighbors come over for a bit and play with the goats. One of the babies ALMOST went to a new home, but the girl decided that she couldn't take care of it. She is studying to be a Veterinarian Assistant, and figured to be gone all day at school.

Her poodle probably wouldn't have liked it, anyway....

Turkey season is in mid swing around here. We hear/see (or both), turkeys every day - some are REALLY close by. I gave permission to one friend to bow hunt, but he didn't know if he'd make it. It's one of those cases of just finding the time....

We WERE supposed to make a trip to see my Aunt today. It ended up we had to cancel at the last minute (well - Sunday, actually....). We had to attend a funeral for a friend and neighbor. He died last Friday, while out farming. It was something he enjoyed doing, and he did it to the very end.

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  1. The little goats are sure cute. They look like they are growing nicely.

    Kathy T


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