Saturday, April 18, 2009

Flim-Flam Man...

The old "con artist" is alive and working his magic around here.

While I DO know at least ONE con man around here - THIS one is in our barn.

We have 8 older kids who I feed by themselves. Four of those have been eating out of a pan for awhile now. One of the remaining 4, just flat REFUSES to learn, and has to have his bottle. He was spoiled rotten before we got him.

The three others that want a bottle are younger, and haven't been taking to the pan yet.

Two of these 4 are ones that I have banded, and are the youngest of the bunch.

In other words, I thought I had four who ate from a pan, and four I had to bottle feed.

Last night, I fed the four with the bottle and then put the last of the milk into the pan for the others. I wasn't really paying a LOT of attention but, noticed there were FIVE furry bodies working away in the pan!

Con Artist...

I DISTINCTLY remember sticking everyone's nose into the milk BEFORE I gave them a bottle.....I also remember all of the 4 bottle babies refusing to eat any.

This little guy - the one on the far right - decided he'd con me out of a bottle, THEN go "double-dip" at the pan. It worked last night, but this morning, I didn't even offer him a bottle. He came looking for it, thinking that I'd fall for it again.

He was sorely disappointed....

It didn't take him long, however, to decide he'd better stick his face into the pan before it was too late.

It just goes to show you - some times a con man THINKS he has fooled you, but if you KNOW he's a con man, you have the upper hand.

I finally was able to mount the new tractor seat that Deb bought me for her birthday. It even came close to matching the blue color of my Ford 4000. I had to do a little "modifying", but it looks - and works great.

Now I can use the tractor without worrying about getting MY seat wet.....

Here is the old seat:

Old Tractor Seat

And here is the new one:

New Tractor Seat

I ended up turning another truck tire for use as a feeder this morning. I'm hoping to do about 4 or 5 more in the next few days. They REALLY work well and are CHEAP.

I'm using up all the Goodyear tires I can find, first. That way, I won't be embarrassed if someone finds them on my place, and think they came off MY truck.....

Besides, they are the easiest to turn.

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