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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Being A Mom Can Wear You Out....

I was in the barn last night - after "lights out". Everyone was resting comfortably - until I came in and turned the lights on.

I decided that I would give all the girls in the "maternity ward" a "goodie". I walked down the aisle, handing my wares out to eagerly awaiting lips. Everyone was very thankful (as thankful as a goat gets, anyway...) and took what I had to offer.

When I got down to the last stall - the one with Bossy, her two youngsters, and the 11 cats, I thought it odd that she (Bossy) wasn't up with her face over the gate, impatiently wanting her treat.

I found her, laying in an odd position, with her head against the "Kid Kan" and her nose in the bedding. I called her - no response, then scratched and patted her neck - still with no response. I then lifted her head by her horn and NOTHING happened.

I feared the worse, and dropped her head. Just as her nose bounced off of the floor (from where I dropped her head, it was about 8" from her nose to the floor...), her eyes opened.

She looked around in shocked surprise, grunted a couple of times and then saw the treat in my hand. She was awake enough by then to take it....

I knew some people were heavy sleepers but....

I guess she figured that the kids were tucked in, the screwball LGD was outside, and all of those Evil dairy goats were in their own part of the barn.

It was time to SNOOZE.....

I figured that all the commotion raised by everyone else wanting goodies would have woke her up.

I guess she was TIRED.

This morning, I decided that I need a small hay feeder for the little monsters, they are starting to eat grass and hay pretty good now. Since it hasn't greened up here yet, I am still feeding hay. I always wanted to try my hand at turning a tire inside-out (I know, strange...), so figured that this was the time to do it.

I selected an old Goodyear tire from the "Goat Playground", and went to work.
It was surprisingly easy. I've heard horror stories about trying to turn them, but was amazed at how little time it took to do.

Maybe it was easy because I used a Goodyear tire....A feeder is the BEST use for a Goodyear that I've found - they are worthless on a vehicle.

New Hay Feeder

I also brought home four used concrete culverts this morning. These are smaller then the other ones I have, but will be excellent for the little monsters to play on before they 'graduate' to the bigger pen. These are 12" culverts, the perfect size for little guys. Here are three of them investigating the new toys:

Something New To Investigate...

Of course, I had to rearrange them so they'd be in good spots for leaping and tunnelling. The inside of this one proved to be particularly "snoop worthy":

Must Be Interesting...

Now they have a nifty playground all their own. It has tires, culverts, a stack of tin, a hole in the ground, and a nice hill.

It SHOULD keep them occupied for a bit...

Two of them were mad at me today. This noon, we banded them.

Of course, when supper time came around, I was their best friend again....


  1. Thats neat what you did with that tire. How did you do that?

  2. I cut the sidewall out with a knife, then "muscled" it in-side-out....


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