Sunday, April 12, 2009


By GOATS......!

We were relaxing yesterday (Saturday) afternoon, when the phone rang. It was the lady we got the bottle babies from.

She called to say that she had some more babies and a Doe in milk that we could have.

We decided to go up and get them.

She ended up having SEVEN more for us, plus the doe. Three of them were only hours old Nubians. They are TINY compared to the Alpine kids. Here are a couple photos for comparison. The first is the baby Alpines we brought home a few weeks ago. They are only three hours old in this photo:

Tote full of kids

Now, here are the three Nubians we brought home yesterday, in the same tote. They are about 6 hours old here:

Checking out the new kids

Right now, the little babies are in our kitchen. As you can see, our Doxies are VERY interested in the new arrivals. They keep a close eye on the tote. When we aren't close by, then the kitchen door gets closed - with the dogs out.

One of the new Alpine boys is a REALLY nice looking one. He has a beautiful white chest and shoulders, with a "sand" colored rump, and black leggings. We were going to keep one of the first batch of kids for a breeding buck, but this little guy is just too good looking not to breed.

Love this one!

The Doe we brought home (Sassy) is the sister to one we already have (Tinker). When we turned the new one out to "meet and greet", it didn't take long for them to find each other.
At first, they rubbed each other's neck, and "hugged".

That didn't last long, though. In a couple of minutes, they were rearing up in the air, trying to head butt each other. Not just the playful type, either. They were REALLY smacking each other! This went on for at least an hour. It was comical to see.

We had one Boer goat (Showgirl) getting in the middle of them to "referee" - and all of the other goats standing around, watching. It looked like several of them were placing bets on the outcome!

I let the Sassy out first this morning. She stood on the hill - waiting for Tinker to come out so they could continue....


  1. They are so cute. Yes, it does sound like you have been invaded. But such nice invasion. That little Alpine is sure pretty.
    Are they all males but the adult or did you get a female baby this time, by any chance.

    Kathy T

  2. They are all boys, again! We were HOPING to get the sister to the pretty buck, but she wants to keep her to sell when she's older.


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