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Thursday, April 9, 2009

I Got Tired of Holding the Bottle....

I still have ONE of the 5 monsters who refuses to eat from a pan. He eats grain, hay and other stuff, but he HAS to have his bottle to get his milk.

I have been filling his bottle, then pouring half of what the others get into their tray. When they finish that half of the milk, I take the biggest Alpine out and pour in the rest of the milk. That way - everyone gets their share.

Usually, the little Nubian is about done with his bottle by the time the others are ready for the second half. I HAD been sitting there, holding the bottle for him to nurse. I figured that there HAD to be a better way...

This afternoon, I found a piece of thin wall pipe that was just a tiny bit bigger then the 20 ounce pop bottle I use to feed with. My neighbor welded a small piece of flat strap onto it and I bent it to hang over a wooden gate or pallet.

I ended up squeezing the round pipe a little bit so it would hang onto the bottle better but, all-in-all, it worked great. I fastened it to a pallet with a screw, added the bottle, and he went to town on it.

It was MUCH easier then standing there, holding it.

Now I can stand there and WATCH.....

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