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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Some People's Kids.....

Well - today was such a nice day, I figured that EVERYBODY needed to get out of the barn. It has been cold here for the past WEEK. I didn't have a place ready for the "Monster Bottle Babies", so they had stayed inside.

I had also not let Bossy out since her twins arrived on the first of April. I TRIED once, but she'd have none of it. She wanted to stay inside and keep her babies warm.

Rosie and Winnie had been out a couple of times, but they are "wienie goats" and wanted back in after a short trip out.

I finished redoing a couple of large stalls in the old part of the barn so the monsters could have more room to move around. I had PLANNED on making a small door to the outside pen, but didn't get it done today. We ended up letting them out through the side door of the barn so they could romp in the sunshine.

They had WAY too much fun. I'll get the door made tomorrow so they can come and go as they please - during the day, anyway.

To see some photos, click HERE...

Since it was the first time outside - amongst the other goats - for Rosie's baby boy, I sat and watched for a bit. He lost track of her right off and went running and screaming for mom! He kept going to goat after goat (especially the other Nubians), looking for her. He was getting confused because every one's legs looked the same!

I picked him up and took him to her. After that, he learned to stay close.

Bossy brought her babies out slowly, they wanted to stay inside the barn. It was nice and warm out, but they'd never seen the "world" before - and it was full of goats WAY bigger then they are! I let them wander around behind mom for awhile, then went about my business.

After an hour or so, I went to check on everyone. I saw the 5 monsters, still checking out their world. I found the Brown Nubian sticking close to his mom. Bossy was behind the barn, eating hay, and her kids were.....well, her kids were NOWHERE to be seen! I checked the barn, and every nook and cranny I could think of, then decided to take a walk out to the small pasture I have open for the goats (even though there is little grass....).

I walked up the hill, and couldn't see them. I was starting to run out of goat pen, when I spotted something white near (what was left of) a Cedar tree. As I got closer, the white spot grew larger. My mind went from "a plastic WalMart bag", to "cardboard", to......wait......

That's YANI!

I got to where she was as quickly as I could, and found her laying down next to the two youngin's who were tucked under the Cedar tree. They were curled up, and fast asleep.....

....until my "entourage" caught up with me....

Mom came running up, and nosed them awake. They ate a light snack, then headed back to the barn.

Bossy is a better mom then that, but just out of practice, I have to retrain her every year. They stuck close the rest of the afternoon, though.

And Yani gets more worth having around every day.

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