Saturday, April 4, 2009

Strike Up The Band.....

Well -- today was the day! The poor little boys met Mister Banding Tool!

Deb came out right after their breakfast this morning, and held them so I could band them. It NORMALLY takes just a few seconds to do BUT....

I keep the banding tool in a metal cabinet in the barn. When I got to the barn this morning, I noticed several things had been "re-arranged" there were a couple of sacks I use for garbage tossed around, a couple of pans and cups on the floor, and..

The banding tool laying on the floor beside the cabinet.

I didn't notice it until Deb had the first kid in her arms and I went to put the "little green Cheerio" on the tool. That's when I saw that one of the four arms of the tool was broken off.

Evidently, rumors had spread in the barn, and the 3 - soon to be eunuchs - bribed the cats into (hopefully) destroying the banding tool. Unfortunately - for them - it was still usable, just not as quick and easy. Instead of opening the band to a nice square opening, with three arms, the opening was a triangle. It was hard to work "things" through the hole.

We accomplished the 'deed', but I went to town and bought a new tool afterwards. I have had a band break before, so I didn't want to be without a tool to re-band - if necessary.

When I was done feeding the monsters, I put Rosie's boy in with the others to 'play'. We noticed that, after the first little Alpine was banded, Rosie's little boy hid in the Kid Kan, as if to say - "You ain't gonna get ME"! It was comical to see.

The three banded ones didn't feel much like playing for awhile, and walked a little funny (who WOULDN'T?), but they are up this afternoon - playing and wanting fed.

It should be about 10 days before "things" fall off.

I have trained all of them but one to eat out of a pan. Naturally, it's the spoiled rotten little Black Nubian kid who refuses to get with the program. I started out with a stainless steel pan but, it was too small diameter, and easy to tip over. I ended up buying a long rectangular plastic feeder at the local Orschlen's store (similar to TSC...).

It's made for feeding goats, and has a heavy wire covering that divides the top into 5 sections. The wire keeps them from shoving everyone to the side and lets everyone get their share. The best thing about this feeder is that it clips to a fence or gate and won't tip over.

They lick it pretty clean but, there is always a little bit left for the cats to make sure everything is washed up.

I just wonder if the cats got to keep their bribe "money", once the plan fell through......

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