Friday, September 25, 2009

New Calf Shed

It's one of those deals where I had to do SOMETHING.....

Stevie is running around on circles, and running into stuff. So - what's the best way to get even with a blind guy?


(No offense meant to any actual "blind guys" who might be reading this....)

Most of the time, Stevie is by himself, wandering around, eating and wondering where everyone else went. Of course, the goats like to play tricks on him. I SWEAR I heard one of them give a low "Moo!" the other day, just to mess with his mind.

It's always interesting to see how Stevie's "radar" comes up when he hears a voice! He cocks his head sideways, then sticks his ear straight up in the air. After that, you just snap your fingers, shake a bucket, or keep talking, and he finds his way to where you are.

Best trained dog we've ever had.....

Since there are a few things in his pen that he has to avoid, I am planning to move them to a big pen where the only thing he can run into is a few trees. Well - ok, there IS a small creek bed....but I doubt that it will bother him much, it's not very deep.

Before I turn them loose, though, I needed to make sure that they had a place to get out of the weather, and access to water. The water was easy, I just had to split the fence, and put the tank in the middle. This way, both the cows AND the goats can use it at the same time.

The shed - THAT took a little longer. I'm ALMOST done, though, here is where I'm at as of Friday night:

Front Of The Shed

See Through...

I still need to get the ends done, and then some "trim" work, but It is getting closer.

Maybe by the middle of next week, it will be done enough for the bovine to be moved to their new home.....

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  1. If you will put a bell on your heifer, stevie should learn to follow it. I have used this trick a couple of times, the last time (a few years ago) I put a bell on my Jersey milk cow, and a blind horse followed her. If by chance she snuck off from him somehow, he would stay where he was until he could hear the bell again, or I went and got him.
    I always enjoy your postings! Thanks! Kathy


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