Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Snookered The Cow....

The day after we got Belle, I accidentally pulled on the top of her halter, and took it right off of her head. She OBVIOUSLY doesn't like it on her face, so was pleased it left.

Then the fun began - me trying to put it back on, and her trying to keep me from it.

I could walk up to her, even without grain - but one glimpse of that halter, and she wouldn't let me closer then 20 feet! I even poked it into my back pocket one day. I got up close to her, then she saw it sticking out of my jeans. In about 3 seconds, she was 20' away...

I have been wanting to get her into a smaller area, so I'd at least have a fighting chance. Up until today, Belle just didn't want to co-operate.

This afternoon, Deb came out and was taking photos of the goats, me, the cats, me AND the cats, the dogs, etc, etc....All of a sudden, she asks "Where's Belle"? I told her that I hadn't seen her for a couple of hours.

Now, I've gotten a "system" for Identifying the one tan(ish) cow, in a herd of tan(ish) dairy goats. Since they all are about the same color, all like to hide in the weeds, and are similar in size (Belle is bigger, but from a distance.....), I decided that the ONE THING that tells them apart is that big 'ol swishy tail on the cow. Even when you blend into the surroundings, you swish that tail at a fly, and I can spot you.

So, I looked around for the swish - NOTHING. Everyone else was accounted for, but no Belle.

Just when I was about to "take a tour" of the pens, she poked her nose out of the barn. This, in itself was monumental.

If she were comfortable with going into the barn, then I'd have her in a confined space so I could put her halter back on!

I retrieved the halter, scooped up some grain, and headed for the barn door. She saw me coming, saw the grain bucket, and was starting to stick her face in the pail when she saw IT out of the corner of her eye.

Instantly, any thought of eating vanished.

She turned around and headed for another room -which was even smaller. Naturally, the goats wanted to see the cow get into trouble (or get the grain, I don't know which....), so they crowded the gate to watch.

Belle finally figured out she was snookered, so she stood while I slipped the halter back over her head. She wasn't happy, and decided that the goats could HAVE her grain - all she wanted was to go outside and sulk.

On her way back out to the pen, she passed the only goat who wasn't interested in watching - Romper.

Romper was too busy taking a snooze on the overturned stock tank I've been working on.

Dead Goat....

If you look close, you can see the "Dust Angel" she made on the top.

Of course, knowing her reputation, maybe it should be called a Dust "DEVIL".

Yup. That fits Romper a bit better....

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