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Sunday, September 13, 2009

NOW What Do I Do??

The goats are mad at me....

The chickens are rioting....

The ducks are on the verge of revolt....

The cats....well the cats are fine - after all they're cats.

I've done an evil thing -

I've brought THEM to the farm.

The Other Addition...

They came this morning from Janene - "Stevie", the blind Angus cross bull calf, and "Sis" (so far, anyway), the Hereford cross heifer.
We turned them loose into the new pen we just fenced off (over the last MONTH). It didn't take them long to start wandering around and tasting all the weeds and grass.

Since it was Sunday morning, the goats were still taking it easy. I had to go call them out of the barn. They didn't even come out to investigate what we were doing. Eventually, they moseyed on out - only to find that they had been INVADED.

Meeting for the first time

The goats are upset because of all the valuable goat food being wasted on COWS. As far as I know, there haven't been any "head-to-head" encounters yet, but lots of snorting and foot stomping.

Of course - Stevie doesn't care, he's blind, so the goats don't matter to him. He just wants food, water, and attention.

The chickens and ducks just don't know WHAT to think. We watched one rooster jump into the air and then run for his life - all because the heifer kicked up her heels - 30 FEET AWAY! I guess he thought this new face was some sort of "super goat" and wasn't taking any chances. I was amazed at how anything with feathers just flat disappeared within a few minutes of the first Bovine encounter.

It will take time, but I'm sure everyone will learn to get along.

The goats did a number on the Mulberry tree. When I turned them out into this pen, the tree was so leafy that you couldn't see the trunk. Now, it looks like this:

Mulberry Tree - AFTER

It actually looked like that within the first hour, or so, now they just stretch up to take a nibble when the are in the area, before, it was an all out attack...

Speaking of attacks - here is how they treat an unsuspecting Sunflower:

This Is What

They hadn't bothered them until today.

Maybe, in their beady little minds, they're calling it a cow....

I just know that it's gonna be odd for a few days to hear a "MOOOOO!" mixed in with all the "BAAAAA!" that we normally hear.

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