Saturday, October 24, 2009

Easily Entertained....

Not much goes on around this Hillbilly Farm so, even the small things can be fun.

A couple days ago, we were in the kitchen separating cream. Every once-in-awhile, we heard this small "squeak" or "chirping" sound. Neither of us could figure out what it was. At first, we thought it was the cream separator because it would come as the crank was being turned.

We just kept working away, not giving it much thought.

When we were done, we set about cleaning up and getting read to make cheese. That's when Deb heard a chirp, and a WING FLUTTER. She followed the sound and it was coming from our wood cook stove.

Apparently, there was a bird trapped in the stove.......

We closed the damper, then slowly opened the top of the stove. After I removed the third piece, a blurr of feathers zipped by my head, and headed for the (closed) window.

It didn't take long to determine that our feathered invader was a pretty Eastern Bluebird. Both of us grabbed our cameras, and started snapping photos. Here is one that Deb captured while the bird was on one of our ceiling fans:

Blue Bird

We "shot" it several times, then opened the patio door to set it free.
It took about 3 seconds for it to be out of the door. It gave us some nice photos before it escaped. Hopefully, it won't journey down the chimney again....

Then, later that afternoon, Deb's dad arrived to take home the bottom part of the corn crib I had. Just AFTER I told them they could have it, I started to come up with ways I could use it. That's why her dad made the trip to get it so soon - he wanted to make sure it was headed to his place before I changed my mind....

Now, I need to find another one.....

I have to make sure and not tell them about it, if I do....

After dark, I went out to the close the chicken house and gather any eggs. As I walked around in the dark, I saw two shadows zip by me - heading AWAY from the coop. I turned on my flashlight and saw that it was two of the Muscovy Ducks. It being dark, raining, and cold, this was quite odd.

I managed to herd them into the coop, but they did NOT want to go willingly. After getting them shut up, I went inside to find out why. As I reached for the inside door, I saw the reason. There were two, beady little red eyes, staring back at me. The ducks were being leery of a young Opossum.

Young mister opossum won't be bothering our birds again - he came down with a severe case of "lead poisoning".

Friday morning, we finished taking the crib apart and loading it on his trailer. We (especially Deb) were amazed at how short of time it took to finish up taking the crib apart and getting it ready for the road. It will be a nice Peafowl pen for them.

Mabel has been teaching manners to Belle very nicely. Belle is actually warming up a bit to me. She will even stand still when I walk in her direction, instead of turning tail. She is also being a little scamp.

I have a small door on the side of the barn for when I had young goat kids. I made the door so they could get in, but not much bigger. Little did I know that our fat little mischievous calf would hide in there, then sneak in to raid the hay stack while I was milking Mabel.

Belle is now mad at me again. I closed the door so she couldn't get in there anymore. Now, she HAS to sleep in with the other two - in my "Three Cow Garage".

Madam Inspector

Even with not having installed trim on the corners yet, it's still WAY better then sleeping in the rain. I even installed wall-to-wall "carpet" for them. The bad thing is - getting those "stains" out of the rug.....

Unfortunately, I didn't get a photo of all three of them in there at the same time (it was raining, and I DO melt...), but you will just have to take my word for it - they all were in there at the same time.

Since I had a few on hand, I stuck a 17' long 2x2 all of the way across the Turkey Crib last night so they'd have a higher roost. Evidently Turkeys don't like Guinea cooties (and vice-versa...):

Stay On Your OWN Side!

The board was bowed pretty good, so this morning, I used a wire to help support the center better. It SHOULD hold them nicely, now.

If not, I'm sure I'll be the LAST to know.

This morning, since it STARTED out nice - sunny, light winds, in the 30's - I decided to chop down some corn stalks to feed everyone. The goats dove in, but Mabel especially liked them. All three of the cows were chomping away at some hay I had put in a tire feeder by their hut. It's a good hundred yards from where I started tossing stalks over the fence, and into another tire.

Mabel was the first to succumb to the lure of the stalks. She came over at a fast pace, and dove in head first. After a few seconds of "snuffling", up came her head, and she RIPPED a mouthful of goodies from the pile.



Undoubtedly, Mabel enjoys corn stalks, but it didn't take long for Belle to join her, She came up right next to Mabel, and grabbed some.


Even Chuck, the blind boy, wandered over to have a bite. It sometimes is amazing how he can find his way around.

I DO know that he can go into "stealth mode" when he wants to. Last Saturday morning at 0530, I was trying to find him (black calf, dark, overcast morning) in order to feed him. I was pointing west, hollered once, and he ran me over from behind.....I think he actually enjoyed it.

Like they say - "If a cow laughs too hard, does milk come out of her nose?"

If Chuck were a girl, I probably would have found out....

I also know that those LED flashlights are worthless in finding a black cow in pitch black conditions. I've shone the light on him several times with one, and not seen him.

Give me a REAL flashlight, any day.

Deb also took some photos of one of our cats, this morning. This particular feline has an obsession with the small Maple tree in our front yard. On several occasions, she has been found climbing around on it's spindly branches. Here is my favorite one from the bunch:

Cheap Entertainment

It was having a "good old" time for quite some time this morning. More photos HERE

Deb's dad left at about 9:00 am today, with his "prize" (corn crib). If I would have remembered, I was going to toss the opossum body onto the trailer when he wasn't looking....

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