Monday, October 19, 2009

This One's For The Birds....

I've been wanting to get a few turkeys around here, for quite some time. I even scrounged up the old corn crib to use as a "house" for them - if we ever managed to get them.

Last Saturday, we made a quick trip to Deb's mom & dad's house. Sunday, we came back with a car load of birds.

I never knew it but, if the trunk is full of birds, and you roll down the front window, then you smell the birds MORE. Even at interstate highway speeds....The smell ends IMMEDIATELY upon running the window back up.

At any rate, we brought back three Turkeys, 2 adult Muscovy Ducks,

10 Pigeons

New Pigeons

6 Guineas

Ugly birds

10 hatchling Muscovy Ducklings

Baby Ducks

12 two week old Muscovy Ducklings

Older baby ducks

and a Potfer....

What's a "Potfer"....?

To cook the birds in.....

I spent the day today, getting the corn crib ready for birds. I had to finish cutting a "door" in the side, then make it functional. It cut rather easily with a Reciprocating saw (Sawzall). Then I had to build a couple of hinges especially for this type of "frame". Since there was no wood or metal to hold a screw or bolt, I had to have a hinge with a plate on the back, and bolt onto both sides of the wire "mesh".

This is what I came up with:

Hinge Close up

It's a little "overkill", but I used what materials I had on hand.

I got it all put together, then managed to catch a couple of REAL turkeys lounging inside:

Big Turkeys

I finally had to chase these out to make room for the feathered turkeys - they would have looked awful goofy sitting on the roosts.....

Over the next few days, I'll need to finish up a few things with it, but I went ahead and moved the turkeys and one duck over there for tonight. The guineas will probably go over tomorrow.

It will take a bit, but I will eventually get all the "parts and pieces" done for the various species of fowl we now have.

Good thing they all taste like chicken...


  1. Just wanted to finally comment, since I've been faithfully reading your blog for quite some time! I love your "scrounging" mindset, it's inspring to see how much you can make and re-make out of the stuff people might not see a use for! My husband and I are "city homesteaders" right now, saving money for our land. I have a big garden and five laying hens. I re-use and scrounge as much as I can - the henhouse is made of pallet wood, which is my favorite city-scrounging item!

    I enjoy your blog very much, gives me lots of ideas and inspiration! You have a great writing style! Thanks!

    Kelly Blais


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