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Monday, November 23, 2009

Bonzai Cat...

First off, let me remind you that we have an odd-ball (or GOOFBALL...) cat living here. She's at least 2/3 hillbilly and the rest is some sort of psychotic dare-devil, clown mix.

Whatever her genetic history, she thinks she owns the farm.

Coming to see me.

Notice her faithful side-kick following along behind her...

I also want to reiterate that I'm about 95% deaf in one ear. This makes it hard to tell where sounds are coming from. The cat can hear perfectly well, however. I know this because every time I say something to it (usually to ask "WHAT the HECK are you DOING?"...), she gives me a dumb look.

This is the same cat that rode on the top of the car out to get the mail. A few days later, she rode on the pickup cab for the 1/2 mile plus ride to the neighbor's house. She is also the same, abnormal feline that stayed on the roof of the car for a wild ride into town a few weeks ago. I pulled up to a stop sign on the town square, and she came bounding down the windshield like nothing was wrong. Scared the you-know-what outta me....

Three miles of highway speeds and I still had a cat on the roof. I HAD wondered about the odd looks I was getting from people, but I'm getting used to those, so didn't think too long on it.

I have driven off with her IN the pickup, too. I was half-way to town one day, when she came leaping up from the back seat.

More you-know-what scared outta me...

Odd, though, when she IS inside the vehicle, she sits on my lap and watches out the window like a dog.

It took a bit but, I finally have learned to make SURE the genius goofball is not on, in, or NEAR the vehicle when I am leaving. I try to make sure I can see her walking toward the barn before I take off. That way, I'm reasonably sure she will stay behind.

She's good at coming up with new, different, and exciting things to do. She's taking a liking to running the rafters in the barn again, and batting me in the head. It's been awhile, but this was big-time fun last spring - she gave it up for Lent, I guess.....

This evening, during milking, I saw Mabel "flinch". I couldn't see anything from where I was at but, I KNEW one of the cats was the cause. Seeing nothing amiss, I continued my milking. When we finished, I got up and went to unlock Mabel's headstall. Who do you think I found sitting on top of the stanchion?

With me out trying to get my "Bird Cage" built, Miss Nutcase has decided to inspect every phase of the operation (and even bring along her "side-kick" to help).

Her and her helper would climb on the thing, run across the roof, jump through nailers, and just have a good old time using my half done bird cage as their own personal "Jungle Jim".

This was fine, until I started to put up "chicken wire". THAT development led to a few "interesting" moments until they figured it out....

Since I wanted part of the cage to be shaded, I covered the first 6' of the roof with tin - the rest in wire. This past weekend, I finished putting the tin on and was catching up on a few "loose ends", like picking up the pile of scrap wood I created during the project.

I was milling about, picking up wood, cleaning up my "work bench" (an old calf waterer, turned upside-down...), dodging goats, etc - when I heard this odd, metallic scraping noise.

Since I only use one ear, I had NO idea that the cat was plotting again.

I looked at the goats, figuring that they were messing with a sheet of tin I had nearby, but they were all looking at me, dumbfounded. I even took a quick glance at the Turkeys to see if THEY were up to something.


I SHOULDA known.

I finally figured out where the sound was coming from - the roof of the bird cage...

As soon as I zeroed in on the sound, I also zeroed in on the cause - Miss Psycho Kitty was up on the tin roof and sliding down the slope. I couldn't help myself - I turned my head skyward.....

....just in time to see a white furr-ball flying over the edge of the roof and heading straight for me. I had just enough time to turn and duck, otherwise, she'd have hit me in the head. Instead, she bounced off my back, then hit the ground running.

She must have taken it well, because 5 minutes later she was back playing Jungle Jim, albeit - NOT on the tin roof.

I'm thankful nobody got hurt - it could have been ugly....

I'm also thankful that SHE didn't have the you-know-what scared out of her as she left the roof.....

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