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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Cold Turkey...

This past Thursday was Thanksgiving (in case you didn't know....). We spent it here on Hillbilly Hill - just the two of us, for a change. It was a nice alternative to the hectic traveling of years passed.

It was also a pretty nice day outside (albeit, a bit windy). I didn't get much DONE outdoors - in the morning, I made the Dressing for dinner, and I was too stuffed to do much afterwards.

Deb made the pies, an apple for us both, a Custard for me and a Pumpkin for her.

She hates Dressing, so I get it all, and I hate Pumpkin Pie, so she can have all of that nasty stuff.

It was a wonderful meal, but it didn't go off without it's "glitches".

Deb was working hard at making sure everything was in the oven on time, and done by noon(ish).

Fruit salad was done, Four Cup Salad was done (would have been FIVE cup, but no marshmallows....), olives (both kinds) were opened, The homemade butter was shaped like a Turkey...

Happy Turkey Day

The potatoes were mashed, gravy was thickened, two kinds of cranberry sauce was readied, Sweet Potatoes (all for me...) were done, wine was in the fridge, dinner rolls were done, and the turkey was.......



Here we are, a few minutes from eating, and the turkey wasn't even THOUGHT of! We had roasted and taken it off the bones on Tuesday, and it was still sitting in it's comfy little dish in the refrigerator - waiting to be put in the oven for Thanksgiving Dinner. Everything ELSE was ready, so it was too late to go in the oven.

I still can't believe she FORGOT the turkey! Here she was, with a list on the counter of things to get done for dinner. I saw her go through the list on several occasions, mentally checking things off as she went down the page.

We MIGHT need to check her glasses....TURKEY was the FIRST thing on the list.....

Oh well - thank God for microwave ovens....

...and it was pretty good dead bird, when we finally got it.

Yesterday was an unusually warm day for late November. It was in the upper 60's to lower 70's in the area - and little wind. I accomplished a little, but the day after Thanksgiving is reserved for Nebraska Football, so I spent the afternoon watching the game. I DID manage to sneak out to the barn at halftime to see what everyone was up to.

I walked into the milk room and found that our yellow cat (we call her "The Pest" because she is learning ways to be devious from Tractor Buddy) curled up in a plastic bag full of folded rags I had on the milk stand.

Rag Doll

She looked REALLY comfy laying there in the sunshine on her soft bed (Mabel's Curry Comb, not withstanding...). It wasn't long after, that "Tippy" came to see if she'd share.

Oh, I WISH I Had A Soft Bed...(SIGH)

Tippy (named for a YELLOW tip on her tail...) just stood there, trying to be nonchalant about the situation. She even tried the old - "*SIGH* I wish I had a nice soft bed, too"....bit.

It didn't work...

The Pest opened one eye, gave a short "Try it and die" growl, and adjusted her position in the bag to get even more comfy.

Don't Even THINK About It...

A dejected Tippy decided that discretion was the better part of valor, so she hopped down and sat on the concrete floor, looking forlorn:


I'd imagine that being the same age as The Pest, and only about half her size, had something to do with influencing her decision....

Either way, we still have all four cats, and there was no squabbling over a comfy spot to take a nap.

The best part of the day was about mid afternoon when Deb, in a frantic moment, remembered that she "forgot to get something out for supper".

Good thing we had all that cold turkey and leftovers in the fridge....


  1. Well the turkey was DONE, so I kept skimming over it on the list, trying to get the OTHER things that weren't...so I just forgot to put it in the oven to heat up. *giggle* Gave you something else to laugh at me for though, so it worked out ok. Besides...you didn't eat all that much of it for lunch, you had to much other stuff on your plate.

  2. He don't look like he's starving to death Deb...........


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