Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Goofball The Cat......

A few days ago, I told you about the cat doing a "bonsai" off the roof of the flyway for the pigeons. Today, she was back in action.

Since the flyway for the birds is 99% complete (a few "odds-n-ends" are left, but it was ready for them to explore), we decided that today would be the day that we open the window, and let the birds fly around in the sunshine. They were cooped up in their "inside" house long enough, it was time for some fresh air.

Pest decided that she wanted to see what these new fowl were, so she tried to climb the screen.

Curiosity may kill the cat!

I might need to give her a quick refresher course on what curiosity does to a cat....

After taking a few photos, we decided to leave for a bit, and see if the pigeons would explore on their own. I came back about 15 minutes later to find someone ELSE trying to investigate our feathered friends:


I think she was embarrassed that I caught her *ahem* red PAWED. She stood there, staring at me for a few seconds, then moved toward the corner so she could climb down.
I have NO idea what route she took to get UP to her perch, but she had an interesting time getting DOWN.

The first few feet were easy - the post was wooden, so her claws could dig right in.

Halfway Down

At this point, she is about 6' off of the ground, and looking for an easy way down.
Unfortunately, she rarely does things the easy way....

Slip-Sliding Away...

Ms Crazy Cat started sliding down the tin, frantically trying to find something for her back feet to catch hold of. Not having any luck, she managed to pull herself back up - only to try again to dig into the tin with her back claws. It wasn't working too well for her, but it DID make an incredible sound as she scraped the tin faster and faster, in hopes of getting a foothold.

I guess she was getting tired, because she let herself slide all of the way down as far as she could reach. Her back feet were still about 4' in the air.

Hangin' In There....

Just when I thought she'd let go and slide all the way down, she did a half pull-up, then swung herself over to a 2x4 that was leaning against the wall - BARELY in her reach.

Thank GOD!

From there, is was simple to just "let go" and end her ordeal. It probably didn't help her to hear me laughing at her predicament, either. I got a good scowl as she walked away toward the barn.

It seems that it is never-ending with this cat....just about everyday she comes up with something completely different.

Hopefully, she will be around to entertain us for a long, long time....

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  1. Heidi H ChristensenDecember 2, 2009 at 11:40 AM

    ADORABLE! My Ben was like that but he finally grew up! :(


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