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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Another Round....

A couple of weeks ago, we got hit with 14" of snow. It's only been in the past 3-4 days that it's been warm enough to start melting a bit.

Not any more....

It started out as a small bit of rain yesterday, not much, really, just an on-again-off-again light drizzle, for the most part. The "main event" isn't supposed to be here until this evening and tomorrow.

What makes THIS storm worse then the last one is - there is a LOT of wind involved. Last time, the wind was at night, wasn't very bad, and didn't last long. With this storm, it's been blowing most of the day, is currently at 30 mph, and is supposed to KEEP blowing. The snow isn't heavy yet, but is blowing around like crazy!

The "best guesses" by the Gypsies have been revised downward from 12"-16" to 4"-7" total.

All-in-all, it's not been a good day to be outside. Before it all started in being nasty, I drove into town and brought back a big bag of Beef Bones from the local locker.

I decided to get them when I saw Yani "rooting" in the goat's trough this morning. Being the kind of guy I am, I gave the goats ground corn, instead of whole. They were NOT impressed. Some of it was left "in the corners" which was perfect for a canine Polar Bear to "shovel" up with her nose. It was the sight of Yani, with a goofy yellow "ridge" across her nose that convinced me she needed a bone to keep her occupied - and out of the goat's breakfast.

My trusted LGD's met me in the back room of the barn to receive their handout - which was immediately taken outside in the -4° windchill to be enjoyed.

Must be something about eating on the patio (or just "patty")......

Yani seemed unusually pleased to get hers, and gave me a great big smile as a "thank you"....

MY Bone...

Shadow enjoyed his, too, but he didn't ham it up for the camera:

Frozen Bone

Mabel, true to herself, plodded on into the barn this morning for breakfast. I ended up being side tracked for a few short minutes while she waited. APPARENTLY, she felt I was taking too long, so headed back out the door before I had a chance to milk her - nor did I get the chance to even lock her into the stanchion.

I managed to "head her off at the pass", though, and she begrudgingly turned back around, and returned to the milk stand.

We BOTH found out something on the way there -

(1) Mabel might be deaf....
(2) My cat is stupid....
(3) My cat has a death wish....
(4) It's bad luck to BE a black cat....

This poor feline, has had this happen to it on more then one occasion - it will climb down off the table, lay down in the door way to the milk room, and be stepped on by Mabel. Normally, it's just a quick "RRRROEOW" and the whole thing is over, as Mabel lifts her foot to take another step.

This morning, things didn't pan out so easy for the cat - Mabel STOPPED with her foot on the cat's tail.

I only wish I had pictures....

Here was the cat, screaming, hissing, clawing, and pulling for all it was worth (or all it COULD with a 1000# cow on it's tail...), while Mabel STOOD STILL.

The whole episode lasted about 30 seconds. I shoved Mabel a couple of times, but she refused to move. Maybe she was trying to teach the pesky cat a lesson - or it could be she was just ignoring the howling....

At any rate, Mabel finally decided to move along, the cat gave one more hiss and a spit, and high tailed it out of there.

It probably won't be too long before the cat forgets and get's stepped on again.

At least if the Chinese attack, I'll know what an "Air Raid" siren sounds like....


  1. That is hiliarious! Children & animals provide the greatest entertainment, no need for TV! Stay warm & Merry Christmas!


  2. Gives new meaning to the phrasr "meaner than a sore tailed cat". LOL LOL LOL

    Merry Christmas Dach and Mrs. Dach.

    Crane Man


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