Wednesday, December 23, 2009

'Twas A Cold, Dreary Day.....

It was, however, NOT windy.

That, in itself, was a blessing. Supposedly, we have another winter storm bearing down on us. The "experts" are guessing anywhere from 3" to 12" inches of snow - and maybe a little ice to go with it, just for grins.

Knowing that the Weather Gypsies can be occasionally correct, I decided that I'd better get a few things taken care of in the barn today. Nothing REAL major, but stuff that needed done, none the less.

The first thing I had to do was to modify the chute on the Letz grinder I have so I could grind food for the fowl and cows. Goats are picky - they don't like ground food.

I've grown tired of seeing half the grain I feed Mabel end up on the ground behind her.

Besides, none of the Roosters were getting any kisses from the hens... that happens when your beak smells like cow do-do....

My first problem was the fact that the chute on the grinder was - not only - and oddball size, but it was odd ball SHAPED, too. Nothing matched good enough to work. After a little brain storming, I decided that the best thing was to cut both ends out of a coffee can, and distort it enough to fit over the spout.

From there, I could attach a piece of 6" round ducting I had. It turned out pretty slick, and extended the spout so I could leave the barrel I was using, on the ground, instead of in the pickup, like I used to do it. It sure beats a piece of truck tire inner tube I used for awhile.....


Most of the day was spent getting ready to grind, then grinding. I mixed up a good amount of food I especially wanted for the pigeons. What I have now, should last a good long time.

Sally, the Kinder Goat was at it again. I came out of her favorite gate again this morning. I was watching her - and she KNEW it. If I ain't looking, then it's "zip" through the gate (although, she has learned to make sure Mabel is NOT in the milk room before charging in...). This morning, she did her usual thing - sticking her pointy little nose in the gate when it bounces against the frame.

She saw me standing there, so just flipped the gate open a bit, and let it slam home. She then stuck her nose back in on the bounce, and flipped it open again.

She repeated this 4 or 5 times - stick her nose in, flip the gate open, let it bounce off the frame, then repeat.

I finally grabbed the gate and made sure it didn't bounce.....Sally went off grumbling.

A little while later, she started doing it AGAIN!

That was enough! I headed to the house to get the BBQ sauce.....

There I was - I got my boots off, hat on the hook, gloves on the counter, and I'm headed for the fridge. THAT'S when I remember -

We had BBQ chicken last night for supper - and my half empty bottle of sauce was GONE....

I went back outside and threatened her without it, but I doubt it sunk in, I didn't have anything to back it up.

Since I did a little re-arranging in the barn, I made it so the cows couldn't get at ANY part of the hay stack. Belle was good at sneaking in while I was milking Mabel, and hiding behind the part of the stack she could get to.

Not anymore.

Since she couldn't get at the hay, the past two nights, she has been visiting us in the milk room. Tonight, I decided to give her a little bit of pellets in a small bucket while she waited.


This little pail is only about 10" deep, but it LOOKS like her head is stuffed into it. She had to make sure and chase the cats away before she got the chance to eat, though - they were pretty interested in what she had.

Speaking of cats, Tractor Buddy started zipping around the barn again today, then promptly hid for about an hour. Her "understudy" took over for her, though. Pest sat on the tractor seat and watched me grind.

Tractor Buddy TWO

It wasn't long before her and Tippy climbed out on the hood to where it was warm. Tractor Buddy decided that it was not allowed to have them soak up all the heat, so she graced us with her presence, and all three of them snuggled up nice and comfy on the hood.

Comfy Cats

I'd bet they were REALLY disappointed when I shut the tractor off, and the hood cooled down....

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