Sunday, December 20, 2009

Skid Marks....

Meet Sally - one of our Kinder Goats:

 MY Close-up!

Now, if you don't know what a Kinder Goat is, it all boils down to a cross between a Nubian Doe and a Pygmy Buck. What you end up with is a small Nubian looking thing, that thinks they own the world, and gets into more trouble then 6 two-year olds in a toy store.

They are ALWAYS getting into trouble (or more likely CAUSING it...). Usually it just the "fun" kind of trouble, not the bad kind. They also NEED to be right in your hip pocket when you are doing anything near them.

Goats of all breeds will do this, but these Kinders will do it well past the time when the others have given up and are napping.

They also give the BEST milk, too. Not as MUCH, but the best.

So, I guess there ARE redeeming qualities, after all....

Sally is good at trying to sneak through gates. She will run up right behind you and stick her nose in the gate JUST before it closes, then "squirt" through. I've had her do this, then follow me outside the barn and halfway across the yard - all the while in "stealth mode". I think she was heading for the roses, but am not real sure.

Sally was also none too happy when the cows invaded this year. She was GLAD to see them go to their own pasture after having to put up with them for a few days.

Now the bovine are out of sight from the dairy goats, so they must have forgotten about them.

It can be funny when memories come RUSHING back, especially when it happens to a mischievous goat.

Before we had the cows, we milked just the goats. They had there own private little milk stanchion I built for them in the milk room. Since food was involved, it didn't take long for the ladies (and I use that term loosely...) to be trained to hit the stand every morning and evening, to be milked.

Now, with the Jersey milk cow, I built a "two part" stanchion, one side for her, and the other for the goats.

Even though it has been 4 months since Sally last took the stand to be milked, she still THINKS she is going to be fed there. Lately, she will slip through the gate, then run the 30 feet to the stand, and hop on. She stands there EXPECTING food.

I threaten her (again...) with the BBQ sauce, then send her back to the "Hoose-goat", where she belongs.


It would be "Hoose-COW" but the cows aren't in that part of the barn...

Either way, she'd be sent back to goat jail without passing GO.

Every time this takes place, she's always at a dead run heading to the stanchion.

Well - the other morning IT happened. Sally got her "come uppins", and remembered a few "repressed" memories in the process.

I came out of her favorite gate in the barn, and was watching for her to zip through behind me. I got my wish, I saw her nose poke through, then her sleek little body squirt through. She headed on a dead run to the stand....

It was an amazing and wondrous sight.....

Remember those "accordion stops" that you'd see in the old cartoons? The ones where Wiley Coyote (and others) would put on the brakes and almost turn himself inside-out to stop?

You haven't lived until you've seen a goat do it LIVE...

Sally was hell bent for leather on getting on the stand. So much so, that she didn't see the hind end of Mabel the cow looming large in her windshield. Sally came to her senses, but a few seconds too late. She slammed on the brakes, did the accordion thing, and skidded the last 3-4 feet right into the cow's back legs.

I started laughing instantly - much to Sally's dismay - it was bad enough to actually come in CONTACT with the cow, now she had to endure even more humiliation.

She got up, turned around and slowly returned to the Hoose-goat - all the while enduring not only MY laughter, but the laughter of her friends (who were watching over the railing).

The only thing hurt was her pride.

She spent the next few hours sulking, but has since returned to her same prankster self.

I might have to bring Mabel in for round two....


  1. Meeeeeeeeeee too !! LMAO

  2. Great blog, Scroungeman!

    You might like to read my blog, too. You actually have more of a real farm, but a lot of the same crazy stuff goes on at my place, too! =)


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