Sunday, December 6, 2009

Slow News Day

Not much going on around the old Hillbilly farm today - just a slow, cold, dreary day.

We MIGHT be getting several inches of snow in the next two or three days, though. I guess THAT is news. I'm sure the goats can't wait - I know I can hardly contain my excitement.....

Oh well - it's December - if we couldn't stand the cold, we'd move south.

(I'm sure a few folks would be glad to see it - then the property values in the area would raise.....LOL!)

Yani and Shadow are happy, though. Those long, thick hairs make summer kind of unbearable, but they make the winter pretty nice.

Happy Clowns

Yani is tired of "sweating" in the heat. It's getting to the time of year she LOVES. She can SMELL winter coming, on the breeze....

Sniffing The Breeze

Then again, it might just be the smell of cow pies wafting in from the bovines across the fence....

Yesterday, we got a call from another hunter (it's Black Powder Deer Season, now). He told us that he had a deer for us and would bring it over. We ended up starting on it at about 3:00 pm, but were done by 6:00. We even cut up a few pieces for me to smoke later on. I can't wait.

So far (we MIGHT get more...), we have 6 deer in the freezer. We're thankful that friends, neighbors and other hunters think about us when they go out chasing wild critters in the bushes. It sure helps the pantry when we get a call about free food.

Besides, it's WAY easier then actually going out and freezing my hind-end off, sitting in a deer stand, waiting for something to troop by. I even have a brand new deer rifle I bought a year and a half ago - and I've not even FIRED it.

Deb has an on-going "contest" with her dad in Missouri. Every year, it's the same thing, since they don't hunt, either - they have friends who bring them deer, just like we do. When Deb hears that we are getting a deer, the FIRST thing she does is e-mail her dad to tell him.

Last year it was nip and tuck for awhile, but we eventually prevailed with 6 deer - her dad only got 5. This year there is little hope for him. As it stands today, we are once again at 6, and her dad is lagging FAR, FAR behind at a measly ONE deer.

Deb told me this morning that - IF we get another deer, we might have to take it to them intead of doing it ourselves.

I don't know for sure if it is a case where (A) She is taking care of her parents, (B) Feeling sorry for her dad, since he is SO far behind, or (C) our freezer is getting full.

It's a pretty heated rivalry, so anything is possible.....Although she is really good at (A) - in THIS case, I'm willing to place my bet on (C)....

Besides, I've seen the freezer....

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  1. Yes...sad to say, this time I'm being bad and the answer is C. *giggle*


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