Saturday, January 16, 2010

Black Ops....

Once upon a time, it the land of Hillbilly Hills Farm, There lived a "Fairly" Princess Cat:

Tractor Buddy

She lived a life of enchantment - mostly because she thought the world was hers to rule. She enjoyed being the only Fairly Princess Cat of the barn for quite some time. Then - the KITTENS came along.

Not HER kittens, mind you, but kittens, never the less.

She even nurtured them and kept them warm when their real moms were away, all the while plotting their demise.....

While not being sure, we can only assume that this Fairly Princess Cat had a large paw in taking the newly exploring kittens out into the world to meet their untimely end at the of the LGD (LGD - a sort of undercover agency similar to the KGB...).

I don't fault the dog, however, he was young and impressionable. He just got in with the wrong crowd:


It was the fault of the cat - who wants nothing less then "World Domination", and a bowl of warm milk.

She carefully crafted her plan, and enlisted help from far and wide to reach her goal (ok, the far side of a wide barn.....). Enter - The Court Pester:


Together, with her LGD operative (code name The Shadow....), Pester tried to enlist the help of the local COW members (Critters Of the World).

Seen here is The Shadow meeting with Mabel, a prominent member of COW, and her understudy, known only as "Chuck" (he has at least ONE alias, though - "Stevie Wonder")
Notice the coy looks when they realized they might be under surveillance:


While the outcome of the meeting is unclear, we DO know that a later meeting between Mabel and The Pester took place:

Curious Mabel

Meanwhile, unknown to the Fairly Princess, the LGD, and The Court Pester, Mabel was secretly an undercover agent (Special Operative 5970). Word began to filter out that something was about to happen to "spoil the Cat's breakfast", as Special Operative Belle, put it: "We knew they wouldn't like it, but that's just too darn bad".

Special Operative 124 Belle:


It all came to a head a few days ago, this much has been declassified - Mabel was to enter the barn as normal and proceed directly to the Milk Stanchion. Meanwhile, S.O. Belle would distract Chuck, and The Shadow was....

Well, that part of the mission is still classified....

Here was the crucial part. Timing had to be "spot on" or the whole thing would be for naught.

First the "bait" was laid down. This consisted of a rather large pool of "spilled" milk. Once the cats - The Pester and the Fairly Princess - were lured in - thinking that their prayers of a free breakfast were coming true - the trap would be sprung.

It was up to Mabel to set off a "bomb"....

This part of the plan went off without a hitch, the second part required intricate timing. Since the operation did not want to create a massive amount of collateral damage - Mabel set off the "sprinkler system" 5 seconds after her bomb was dropped.

This resulted in a massive "washing" of the area - and a "dilution" of the milk - thus effectively ruining their breakfast. All The Court Pester could do was watch in utter (udder?) disgust, as all that wonderful milk was being washed away:


While the operation did not DIRECTLY involve the Fairly Princess Cat, we do know that she was watching from a nearby, undisclosed, location. This surveillance photo of her shock and horror was smuggled out at great cost:

Blog Post

Her plans of World Domination are now back on hold, but she vows to never give up her dream - and to return for vengeance.

For their part, Special Operatives, Mable and Belle were given one of the highest honors of their sevice the "Order of The Hay".

Waiting for milking time

To this day, they are still keeping a watchfull eye on the happenings in the Barn, waiting for The Fairly Princess to strike once more.....

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